Vikings: Could Ragnar Have Survived?

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All six seasons of Vikings came to an end in December when Amazon Prime Video premiered, exclusively, the delivery with which Michael Hirst put an end to his epic fiction. Inspired by the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, which are counted in The Tales of Ragnar Lothbrok, as well as in the manuscripts of the Settlement book, the show supported much of its events in reality. In this sense, magic and religion were part of the show but they were never presented as absolute truth, but room for doubt was left.

Thanks to this, the followers of Vikings They were able to speculate with all kinds of theories that continue to generate debate today. Some were resolved, like what was the destination they reached Floki and Ubbe towards the end of the series, but in others a certain halo of doubt remained. One of those that recently rebounded was the possibility that Ragnar Lothbrok has remained alive.

As fans recall, after being tortured by king Aelle, Ragnar he was thrown, dying, into a pit full of snakes. Since then, he has never been heard from again because the consequences seemed more than obvious. Who can survive an infinite number of bites from these reptiles? But there are those who are more optimistic and think that it can be justified that he has remained alive.

As part of his torture, Ragnar had a cross marked on his head. (IMDb)

To do so, those who defend the theory that the character of Travis Fimmel still alive they resorted to the figure of Yidu, the slave of which Ragnar He fell in love and he maintained a relationship with her through the drugs she offered him. Some think that these substances that Ragnar received may have allowed him to survive the bites. Others also note that before being thrown into the well, the Viking leader received a potion against snake venom that he may have consumed to counter the snakes.

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What the Vikings spin-off will be like

Despite the end of a series they loved so much, fans of Vikings They know that they will soon have an alternative to stop missing her. Michael Hirst I work in spin-off titled Vikings: Valhalla that can be seen on the screen of Netflix. The series has two confirmed seasons and the first could arrive this year, since its filming in Ireland has already concluded.

rollo vikings

Rollo will have distant relatives as protagonists of the spin-off. (IMDb)

During an interview with Collider, Hirst counted: “We will return to Kattegat, which is the spiritual home of the Vikings”. Being set one hundred years after what was seen in Vikings, the city will be different, and it will have one of the most important ports in Europe. The expansion of this town reached English lands and the king of the nation is a Viking. Much of the conflict will be in the confrontation between the pagans and the Christians, whose religion became one of the most important in the region.

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