Vikings Valhalla: Vikings spin-off shares new images and announces date on Netflix

Vikings Valhalla, the new spin-off of the popular Vikings, he has announced its final release date in Netflix. This has been confirmed by the platform itself, also sharing several unpublished images of this next series that will narrate the adventures of the navigator Leif Eriksson. All in all, Vikings Valhalla will be available on Netflix next February 25, 2022, as announced by those responsible.

100 years after Vikings

Vikings Valhalla passes 100 years later from the events of the original Vikings series and will follow the chronicles of one of the most famous sailing Vikings in history, Leif Eriksson (one of the first Europeans to arrive in North America), along with his companions Freydis Eriksdotter and Harald Sigurdsson, in their fight for survival and glory. Its main protagonists are played by Sam Corlett (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Leo Suter (Victoria) and Frida Gustavsson (The Witcher).

This new Viking series promises to preserve all the spirit of the original Vikings at the level of violence, blood and combat scenes as raw as they are spectacular; This can be seen through these first images that accompany the announcement of the release date on Netflix.

Behind Vikings Valhalla lies Michael Hirst, creator of the original Vikings series, along with screenwriter Jeb Stuart, a benchmark in scriptwriting after participating in many Hollywood blockbusters for decades, such as Die Hard or The Fugitive, among many others.

Let’s remember that the original Vikings series was a success since its first season of 2013 for the channel History until the last, a sixth season that ended in December of last year 2020. After the great popularity achieved with the franchise, several have been the platforms that have wanted to get the rights to continue exploring their world; finally, Netflix will be in charge of making this new chapter a reality with its first 24 episodes for this 2022.

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