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Ville Valo Reveals the '90s Movie Character That Influenced Him Most

Ville Valo Reveals the ’90s Movie Character That Influenced Him Most

It’s not uncommon for artists to name others as influences, but former HIM frontman Ville Valo has credited the fictional ’90s movie character Eric Draven from The Crow film franchise as a significant influence “on all possible levels.”

Speaking with Metal Hammer, Valo expressed his admiration for the lead character in the movie, emphasizing the character’s role in shaping his musical journey. The iconic gothic rock band HIM initially formed in 1991, a few years before The Crow‘s theatrical release. However, they didn’t release their first studio album until 1997, three years after the movie debuted. Given HIM’s embrace of darker themes and even Valo’s look, the influence of the film is apparent.

“Eric was my hero,” explained Valo. “The film happened right after grunge broke and had a cool grungy vibe. There were a few darker films, but nothing was considered ‘gothic’ coming out of Hollywood at the time, and it had a bit of rock ’n’ roll. Eric was carrying a crow and a guitar.”

Valo credits fellow musician Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes for introducing him to the movie. “It influenced me and affected me on all possible levels, music-wise and lifestyle-wise: ‘Oh, this is how it’s supposed to be!’” adds Valo.

According to the singer, Draven and The Crow film provided HIM with “the sonic and visual palate for years and years to come.”

The 1994 film, directed by Alex Poyras, starred Brandon Lee, who tragically died from a prop gun incident during filming, adding a darker backstory to the movie. The film’s plot centers around a young couple brutally murdered by a ruthless gang on the eve of their wedding. The groom-to-be, rock musician Eric Draven, is resurrected by a crow to avenge their deaths.

Earlier this year, a reboot of the original film was announced, with It star Bill Skarsgard taking on the iconic role of Eric Draven. This new version is set for a 2024 release.

When asked about his views on the reboot, Valo expressed caution. “The fairy-tale quality of the 90s material looks quite different from the new one,” he said. “It’s like [late rapper] Lil Peep being Eric Draven. It’s really weird. Bill Skarsgård is a great actor, but we’ll see if it retains the romance,” commented the singer.

Source: Metal Hammer