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Violet Affleck Protectively Poses with Dad Ben, Echoing Mom Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck enjoyed a heartwarming evening with two of his three children, Violet and Fin, in Los Angeles this week, as the trio went out for dinner.

The Batman star took his kids and their friends to a Ramen spot, Kay The Soba Place, in Los Angeles. Images captured Ben engaging in deep conversation with his eldest daughter, Violet, as they exited the restaurant.

Violet, showing a gesture reminiscent of her mother, Jennifer Garner, wrapped an arm around Ben’s neck and shoulders, radiating warmth and support.

Years ago, Jennifer was seen comforting Ben’s mother, Christopher, in a similar manner during a walk in LA.

The photographs of Ben and Violet depict her being a supportive listener as Ben seemed to have a lot to share.
Ben Affleck chatted away to daughter Violet during their dinner date

Their outing comes at a challenging time for Ben, as reports suggest his marriage to Jennifer Lopez is facing difficulties.

Just as Violet has been a pillar of support for Ben, so has his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

Over the weekend, Ben was seen at Jennifer’s home, having moved into a rental nearby.
Jennifer put a protective arm around ex mother-in-law Christopher

Despite the ongoing turbulence in Ben and JLo’s relationship, Jennifer has been seen visiting Ben’s property. They even spent Father’s Day together as a family unit.

During this time, Ben was seen entering the gated community where Jennifer and his children, including his son, Samuel, live.
Jennifer with her son Samuel

In 2015, Jennifer and Ben shocked their fans with the announcement of their divorce after a decade of marriage.

Despite the ups and downs in their marriage, Jennifer has often referred to Ben as “the love of my life” even after their divorce.
Violet is her mom’s double

Both Ben and Jennifer have continued to speak kindly of each other. In a 2020 interview with the New York Times, Ben called their divorce “the biggest regret of my life.”

A significant change is on the horizon for Violet’s parents as she prepares to leave for college in the fall.
Ben and Jen divorced in 2015

Violet, who not only resembles her famous mom but also shares many of her personality traits, appears to be well-prepared for this next chapter in her life.

Discussing her college tours last year, Jennifer said, “She’s handling it like a champ, she’s in control, and I’m not having to ask her if she’s doing this or doing that.”
Violet with Ben and Jennifer Lopez

“It is exciting. I can see the stress, but stress and excitement go hand in hand,” Jennifer added.

Jennifer revealed that she was emotional when Violet graduated from high school.

Speaking on the Today show, she mentioned, “I was a wreck the whole month leading up to it. Every awards ceremony, every final, everything, I just cried and cried at everything.”

However, when the graduation day finally arrived, Jennifer felt an overwhelming sense of pride and happiness. She said, “Then, the day of (graduation) was so happy that there was nothing to be other than just so proud and happy.”

Source: Hello