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Viral video: she pretended to be possessed by the demon and her boyfriend reacted in an unexpected way

In times of social networks, and especially during the pandemic, home jokes became recurrent in family homes. In recent months some “challenges” which consist of making a joke on someone. But to this young American, who is obviously a fan of the movie The Exorcist, things did not go his way.

Decided to make a prank her boyfriend inspired by the horror movie. To do this, he put a bench on top of his bed, he lay down on it and covered himself with a sheet. In this way, the image shows the sleeping young woman “levitating” in the air.

At first he almost fell out of his chair, but barely managed to hold the line began his moment of acting. Right there she started yelling at her boyfriend, who was sleeping next door, pretending to be possessed by a demon, as in the scene of The Exorcist. But what was never expected was the reaction of her lover.

The boy hit a loud scream product of the fright that he generated to see his girlfriend “possessed” and he had no better remedy for “Get the devil out of him” to use an effective method. Practically without thinking, the young man threw a slipper on his head and triggered a situation of laughter and disbelief.

He hardly received the impact, the young woman fell from the bench, burst out laughing for the whole situation and yelled “murderer”. The boy, scared to death by what had happened, relaxed and threw to the floor of the room while his girlfriend laughed.

The video, captured by the cameras that the young woman put on, went viral on all social networks: Twitter, Youtube, Instagram y Facebook. The joke of the young American garnered more than 50 thousand likes in the network of the blue bird, and obtained more than 100 thousand reproductions between the different social networks.

In addition, the situation led to several anecdotes from the public that related similar situations with their partner. Why are these jokes so recurrent? Because they are usually very easy to practice, you need a bed or a solid base, a sheet that cannot be seen and unleash all the acting power you have inside to be able to scare your partner.

The Exorcist It was the film that encouraged the young woman to make the joke. Released in 1973, it obtained a total of ten nominations for the Oscars, including Best Picture, of which he finally managed to win two; and seven nominations for the Golden Globe Awards of which it won four, including Best Dramatic Film.

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