Virgin River: Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson are a couple? This is your true relationship

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Almost a month after the premiere of its third season, Virgin River continues among the most watched streaming service Netflix all over the world and, in this way, the platform adds a new success among its content library. The fiction is starring Alexandra Breckenridge y Martin Henderson, Who They have a great relationship outside of the recording set. They are a couple?

The show is based on the novels of Robyn Carr, who took part of his personal experience at the time of its creation. The play revolves around Mel, a recently divorced nurse who leaves her hometown to live in rural California, where she will have to start from scratch and overcome painful memories, as well as meet Jack, a bartender who will be her great love.

Watching the episodes of the show, it is clear that the performers have great chemistry and it is something notorious on the part of the spectators. That is why since the beginning of its broadcast in December 2019, more than one fan imagined that they could make a great couple in real life, since Both have stated that outside of the filming they maintain a great relationship of companionship that led to a friendship.

If you are one of the fans who shipped them, we are sorry to tell you that they are not dating or never had an affair, so they are just great friends. Breckenridge has been happily married since 2015 to Casey Hooper, guitarist for artist Katy Perry, with whom he lives in Atlanta, United States and has two children, Jack y Billie.

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For its part, Henderson is currently single, after a break with Aisha Mendez, his last love partner. According to the websites, they have not announced it publicly, but both deleted photos in which they posed together on social networks and were not shown again. You can keep seeing Alexandra and Martin What Mel and jack in the fourth season of Virgin River, which will reach Netflix in 2022.

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