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Virgin River Author Explained Why The Series Doesn’t Have Intimate Scenes

Virgin River is another of the many cases of famous novels that had a successful audiovisual adaptation. The series of Netflix conveyed the essence of the pages and managed to rank among the most viewed of its kind. However, between the books and the screen there was a specific difference: the show skipped sex scenes throughout its episodes. Robyn Carr, the writer, explained what the reason was. Look!

A place to dream could have gone the way of works like Bridgerton, which have a lot of sexual content in their scenes, but he decided to put that aspect aside to focus on the plot of his main characters. In an interview with Enterteinment Weekli, the author stated what the intention was.

“A positive drama was necessary. Not only is everything beautiful, but a story in which people have real problems, real situations and they try to solve them. Intelligently and with available help “, said about the approach they wanted to give to the audiovisual adaptation of a series of books that has 22 publications

Carr also touched on what they wanted to convey with the creation of the Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan characters. “They need to see the other side and realize that they have improved and the characters become positive role models.”concluded the 70-year-old writer.

The real relationship between Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson

While there are no sex scenes, the series is full of romance and the actors show great chemistry on screen. So much so that it began to be rumored about a possible relationship between them outside of fiction. However, far from the filming, they maintain a great relationship of companionship that led to a friendship. Even Breckenridge has been happily married since 2015 to Casey Hooper, while Henderson is single.


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