Virgin River returned to Netflix, but the premiere baffled everyone

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Virgin River returned to Netflix this Friday with its long-awaited third season. The launch cut a long wait that had a huge expectation among fans. Between the excitement for the return too surprise was mixed because the first episode left everyone puzzled and prompted the same question. Know what it is and discover the official explanation.

The end of season 2 last November It had as a final scene the shot that Jack Sheridan suffered and the heartbreaking reaction of Mel Monroe trying to save him. With a bullet wound bleeding into his torso, two questions remained pending for the new chapters: what will happen to your health and who assaulted you.

Virgin River returned to Netflix, but the premiere baffled everyone

However, the first episode of the third part answers only one of the unknowns. As expected from being the protagonist, the character played by Martin Henderson survives the armed attack. The story jumps a few weeks in time and begins to reconstruct the events. The end of the road? Find out what really happened that night of the attack.

Showrunner Sue Tenney explained the reasons for this decision in statements to “Who did it and what happens is a big part of the season. His friend Mike ends up staying in town and is trying to investigate and find out who shot, while trying to prevent Jack from taking justice into his own hands. “.

The writer also addressed the issue in US Weekly and teased something that will happen at the end of the season. “Someone is going to be arrested at the end of the season, but things are not what they seem. The story is not going to be closed with the arrest,” synthesized and invited all fans to stay with the intrigue until the last minute.

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