Virgin River: the real reason for Hope’s absence season three

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On Friday July 9 he returned Virgin River to the streaming service Netflix with its third season and generated confusion among fans, who returned to see Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) y Jack (Martin Henderson). One of the unknowns he left was why Hope, played by Annette O’Toole, has no face-to-face scenes. Know the reason the showrunner gave!

“Mel Monroe and his loved ones are back and facing all kinds of problems: death, arson, custody arguments, breakups and more”says the synopsis of the new episodes. Those who have already seen all the chapters know what happened after Jack was shot at the end of the second installment.

During 2020 all types of film and television productions were affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and they were forced to suspend or cancel filming for different reasons. That is why the projects had a significant extra expense in what were the protocols to guarantee the health and safety of each of the participants on the recording set.

Although they had what it takes to take a quiet filming, It wasn’t enough to have Annette O’Toole, who embodies Hope in fiction. The showrunner, Sue Tenney, he told Entertainment Weekly what the character did not appear in the series due to Covid-19, as The actress is 69 years old and is part of the risk group that must take care of the disease the most.

In Virgin River 3 we are told that Hope went to help an elderly aunt who needed help with her medical appointments, but before Tenney left us the explanation: “It was a pandemic situation. We worked hard to make sure she was on the show.”. Then he assured: “If we have a fourth season, everyone is vaccinated and the pandemic will no longer be what it was. So I hope Annette can come back.”.

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