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Virgin River: what is the relationship of the leads off the set?

As if it were something easy, Netflix once again sank into great success with Virgin River. The series, which is inspired by the novels of Robyn Carr, follows the life of Mel, a nurse who leaves her life in the big city after the fateful loss of her husband and settles in a rural town in Southern California. Starring Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge, fiction does not stop adding fans around the world.

It is that, beyond the plot and the obstacles that Mel and Jack, the characters of Henderson and Breckenridge, have to go through to be together, Virgin River it is a success thanks to the chemistry of its protagonists. As the episodes of the three seasons progress, the actors see their relationship grow and it ends up being a full-fledged courtship.

What’s more, such is the love that Mel and Jack have that it crossed the screen, which implies speculation around the true bond of Alexandra and Martin outside the set. And while many hope they are more than friends, the truth is that They, more than once, were in charge of saying that they do not have another type of relationship that was derived thanks to the great companionship of both.

Martin Henderson y Alexandra Breckenridge en el set. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

Also, it should be noted that Alexandra Breckenridge has been married since 2015 to Casey Hooper, Katy Perry’s guitarist and with whom she has two beautiful children. On the other hand, Martin Henderson has just left a relationship with Aisha Méndez, so he is single, but that does not imply that his co-star is his new partner.

Even so, the fact of maintaining a good bond between them, helped them to continue growing with Virgin River. In other words, even though there is still no official confirmation about a new season, it is likely that Netflix will soon open the doors to a renewal.

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