Visa Application Process at the US Embassy in Mexico

The Embassy of the United States in Mexico advises that visa applicants complete the DS-160 application themselves. Nevertheless, a significant number of applicants have hired the services of visa managers or agents, particularly in recent months in an attempt to speed up appointment dates at the CAS and the Embassy. The US Embassy has issued a warning message to applicants regarding using visa agents and the effect it may have on their interview opportunity.

The embassy states: “Do not allow have a visa agent ruin your chance of an interview! If you use a visa manager for your application, tell them to put your phone number and email on the visa application. Otherwise, we will not be able to communicate with you about last minute appointment availability on our interview program.”

It is important to note that the visa application process may experience some delays. First-time appointments may take more than one but up to two years to secure. Therefore, should any spaces become available, the embassy and consulates will inform the applicants of the reassignment of appointment dates through email. Email communication is the official mode of communication for visa services.

It is crucial to ensure that the applicant’s email address is provided on the application to receive the information promptly. Completing the DS-160 application with accurate data and in great detail is the most important step in processing the application. The information contained in the application is the basis upon which the consular officer decides whether to grant or deny the visa.

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The applicant should be meticulous in filling out the application and should not leave any gaps. The consular officer may scrutinize any missing pieces of information and may raise several questions during the interview.

For instance, the travel section of the DS-160 application requires applicants to fill in the city, the name, address, and contact information of the hotel they will stay in. Filling only the city without including the name, address, or telephone of the hotel may lead the consulate officer to doubt the applicant’s intentions, resulting in queries during the interview.

Similarly, in the job information section of the application, the applicant should complete all the sections, i.e., position, seniority, contact telephone number, and activities. Leaving any section blank may invite further queries.

The most common reason for rejection of visa applications is usually due to Section 221(g) of the Immigration Law and Nationality. The rejection results from the incompleteness of the application or the provision of the wrong information. In case the application is rejected due to additional documentation, the consulate officer will inform the applicant. The applicant has up to a year to submit the information requested; failing to do so during this period may require a fresh visa request and additional payment.

In conclusion, visa applicants who intend to travel to the United States through the Embassy in Mexico should complete their applications precisely and by themselves. Hiring the services of visa agents may negatively affect the visa application process and reduce the applicant’s chances of obtaining a visa.

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