Interesting Lego Facts: Visit The World’s Largest Lego Store

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Children may learn to think creatively as their barefooted parents learn to curse using LEGO, a Danish block manufacturer, creatively. While Toys ‘R Us shuttered its doors, sales grew 4% in 2018 to $5.5 billion, despite the distribution loss. Take a look at these 16 fascinating facts about the well-known brand.

Top Lego Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

It All Begins With A Single Piece Of Dough

Unfortunately, it’s not the type of dough you’d like to stuff your face. ABS plastic used in bricks is heated to between 230 and 310 degrees Celsius and allowed to cool for up to 10 seconds before being released from the mold, making it pliable enough to adhere to the mold. Only around 18 out of every million bricks are rejected because they are distorted throughout the manufacturing process. Not bad for a product with a universal fit tolerance of only.005 millimeters.

Lego Worlds Is A Sandbox Game Based On The Lego Bricks

“Lego-like visuals” are used in Lego Worlds, a “Lego-themed sandbox game like Minecraft.” The game’s beta version was published in 2015, allowing users to create their landscapes in a 3D-generated universe.

Invention Of Lego Bricks Was Not The Work Of Lego

LEGO (from the Danish phrase Leg Godt, or “play well”) became associated with click-lock bricks when Ole Kirk Kristiansen began selling toys in Billund, Denmark, in 1932, when no one during the Great Depression was purchasing costly furniture. One of the examples that a salesperson brought to Kristiansen and his son, Godtfred, fascinated them when they were given a plastic mold injection machine in 1949: a studded, interconnecting brick.

lego store

When Kristiansen started creating his own, he didn’t know that Hilary Fisher Page held the patent. The tubes on the bottom of LEGO bricks were developed in 1958 to secure the connection between the bricks. Before Page’s death, LEGO indicated that Kristiansen was “inspired” by Page, although he did not know about the tribute. His firm, Kiddicraft, was ultimately purchased by LEGO.

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The Marvel Universe Has Produced Some Of The Most Sought-After Lego Minifigures

It’s impossible to have a world without people, which holds for Lego. To give the Lego World even more personality, mini-figures come in many forms and sizes. The only 14K gold Boba Fett and C-3PO from Star Wars are the rarest. Marvel’s 2012 New York Toy Fair exclusives Captain America and Iron Man, plus the Black Suit Spiderman, are the most sought-after uncommon minifigs in the LEGO universe.

Taj Mahal 10189, A Lego Set Produced In 2008, Is One Such Building

More than 5,900 pieces of Lego make up this Taj Mahal-themed kit. The Taj Mahal 10189 Lego set sells for thousands of dollars online now, making it one of the most costly Lego sets available.

Lego Friends Were An Immediate Hit

Records show that Lego Friends was a massive success for the corporation. The company’s revenues were boosted with the debut of Lego Friends in 2012, which quadrupled the company’s sales projections.

lego store

In Legoland Billund, There Are More Than Ten Worlds To Explore

At the LEGOLAND Billund Resort, guests may explore ten distinct Lego-themed worlds. More than half the size of Hong Kong Disneyland, LEGOLAND Billund has a land area of more than fourteen hectares.

Legoland Has Four European Theme Parks In Operation

As of this writing, there are three separate LEGOLANDs: one in the United Kingdom, one in the country of Italy, and one in the German city of Cologne (Legoland Deutschland Resort).

In 2022, Lego May Renew Its Agreement With Star Wars For A Second Time

The Lego Star Wards series was initially licensed from 1999 until 2008 as one of Lego’s first partners. In 2011, the firm renewed its contract with Lucasfilm for another five years through 2022.

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Take a Tour of the Largest Lego Store in the World

Lego’s new flagship shop in London’s Leicester Square opened on Thursday. The two-story megastore is the world’s most extensive of its type, with a life-size London Underground train vehicle built of 637,903 bricks. There is a 20-foot version of Big Ben in the new Lego shop, which took 2,280 hours to construct and occupies 9,800 square feet (and has a working clock face, naturally).

lego store

People who visit the new shop will be able to make their own “Mosaic Portraits” by having their photos taken in a dedicated booth and then receiving instructions and bricks to build their pictures. Customers may browse through various Lego sets ranging from Architecture to Star Wars to Ninjago to Nexo Knights to Friends to Lego City to Creator kits.

From the gorgeous 3D environment cascading down the stairway to the ‘Mind The Gap’ tube station platform, which includes dirt, rubbish, and a tiny spider, Lego is attractive to all ages and abilities because of its subtle but spectacular features. Lego fans of all ages and visitors from across the globe will find the shop a must-see when they visit London.

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