Visual Studio Code now runs in the browser

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Applications in the browser are enjoying increasing popularity and thanks to increasingly faster Internet connections and more powerful browsers, more sophisticated web applications can be implemented. It is therefore obvious that Microsoft has now released a web-based version of the source code editor Visual Studio Code. The desktop version of Visual Studio Code is based on the Electron framework anyway.

Who with a suitable browser the URL the browser version of the editor is shown. According to Microsoft, this version is a slimmed-down variant. Nevertheless, it should offer identical functionality for the well-known web languages ​​HTML, CSS, JSON and LESS. The web version also knows languages ​​such as TypeScript, JavaScript and Python. Also included is a Markdown preview.

Microsoft describes the support for languages ​​like TypeScript, JavaScript and Python on as good: “With these programming languages ​​you get the” good “experience plus extensive completions of individual files, semantic highlighting, syntax errors and more.”

Access to the File System Access API is necessary so that local files can also be called up and edited. At the moment only Edge and Google Chrome offer this support. Mozilla Firefox cannot do this yet and Brave, which is based on Chromium, has not yet implemented this support either.

The slimmed-down version cannot, of course, replace a fully customized desktop version of Visual Studio Code, and certainly not a full-fledged IDE such as Visual Studio or IntelliJ IDEA. Nevertheless, the browser version is more than sufficient for small tasks in between and some extensions are compatible with this version.

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The web-based variant on is intended to help lower the hurdle for budding web developers to get started. This is how the web version works for Chromebooks too. Chrome OS usually only allows applications in the form of browser extensions for Chrome or in the form of Android apps. Good code editors are in short supply in both segments. Now these users can also use VS Code without any problems. The same applies to tablet users.


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