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Voit Stays Ahead of the Game

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, episode 5, “Conspiracy vs. Theory,” highlighted the BAU’s struggles to track down Damien using Voit. As with many well-laid plans, complications arose. Additionally, Emily faced challenges at work, continually hitting a brick wall in the form of Brian Garrity.

We’re still uncovering the players inside Gold Star and Elias’s connections to them. Damien and Jade remain elusive, but Elias believes he can reach Damien by sending a cryptic message. In a scene featuring Damien and Jade, the names Peter and Dane surfaced, likely the remaining Gold Star members.

Unfortunately, their whereabouts are uncertain. Meanwhile, after Elias contacted Voit, they arranged a meeting at a park bench. Alvez then deciphered a secret Morse code message from Voit mentioning “North Star.”

Elias denied any significance of the message, but the team remained skeptical. He taunted them, even hinting at a potential love triangle between Penelope, Luke, and Tyler. The team ignored the distraction, focusing instead on making Dave the point of attention.

Dave initially avoided engaging with Voit, but en route to meet Damien, he listened as Elias tried to apologize for imprisoning him. Elias’s sincerity was dubious, perhaps aiming to provoke Dave.

At the meeting point, chaos ensued as a Kevlar-covered van crashed into the park. The FBI halted the van, finding an unrelated driver coerced by Damien and Jade, using a bomb to ensure his compliance.

As the team tried to defuse the bomb, Elias spoke to Jade, who called using the phone attached to the explosive. His attempts to calm her only agitated her further, prompting an attempt to detonate the bomb. Luckily, Penelope jammed the signal in time.

After Jade escaped and Elias was secured in a prison transport van, Damien, disguised as a police officer, gained access to speak with Voit. The details of their conversation are unknown, but Elias was later returned to prison.

While finding Damien remains challenging, some of his background has been revealed. He participated in secret missions for a military company, mirroring the trauma he experienced at Stuart House. This likely fuels his distrust of the government.

The hope is that identifying those responsible for Gold Star’s creation will lead to justice for all involved.

Emily, meanwhile, tried to gain information from Brian, who remained uncooperative, offering only the cryptic message that “Teresa is in trouble.”

Following Brian’s departure, Tyler made a suspicious phone call, suggesting a connection to Teresa. For the team’s trust and Penelope’s faith in him, Tyler must be transparent about his intentions.

With Elias maneuvering under the team’s radar, especially as Emily takes time off and Rossi steps in, challenges for the agents are mounting.

Voit and Damian may be collaborating to stay ahead of the team, making it crucial for the BAU to decipher their plans swiftly. The pursuit of Gold Star members intertwines with efforts to outwit Voit, escalating the stakes.

Turmoil inside and outside the BAU intensifies. The team’s unity and resourcefulness will be pivotal in thwarting Voit’s escape plans.

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