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VOTE: Best ’90s Alt-Rock Hero

The debate over who was the better ’90s alt-rock hero – Beck or 311 – is heating up on this week’s Chuck’s Fight Club on Loudwire Nights. Both artists have carved out notable, long-lasting careers with their unique contributions to the alt-rock genre.

During the latter half of the ’90s, these two acts found success by infusing a funkier sound into their distinct brands of rock. Beck burst onto the scene in 1994 with his hit “Loser” from the Mellow Gold album. This was followed by a significant boost in popularity with the release of his 1996 album Odelay, which featured tracks such as “Where It’s At,” “Devil’s Haircut,” and “The New Pollution.” Beck continued to impress with subsequent albums like the introspective Mutations and the upbeat Midnite Vultures, solidifying his impressive run throughout the decade.

On the other hand, 311 made their mark by blending elements of ska, rap, reggae, and funk. After building momentum with their albums Music and Grassroots, their self-titled third album became their breakout hit. Tracks like “All Mixed Up” and “Down” were fan favorites, and their follow-up album Transistor in 1997 continued their streak with hits like “Transistor” and “Beautiful Disaster.” They closed out the ’90s strong with their 1999 album Soundsystem and the single “Come Original.”

Chuck’s Fight Club will feature this debate starting at 8PM during the Monday Loudwire Nights broadcast. Beck will be highlighted on Tuesday at 8PM, followed by a segment on 311 at 8PM on Wednesday. Listeners will have the entire week to vote for who they believe was the better ’90s alt-rock hero. The winner will be revealed during a special segment at 8PM on the Friday broadcast of Loudwire Nights.

For those interested in tuning in, Loudwire Nights with Chuck Armstrong airs nightly starting at 7PM ET. You can listen from anywhere by visiting their website or downloading the Loudwire app.

Source: Loudwire