VPN Uses: Are You Getting the Most out of Your VPN?

VPN Uses

A VPN is an excellent tool for ensuring secure and private browsing, but it’s so much more. Did you know it can help you change your virtual location, protect you from malware, and even boost your internet speed in some cases? You just have to pick the right VPN service. So let’s take a look at what a VPN is, which one to choose, and how to make the most of it.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is an online privacy and security tool. It directs all of your internet activity through an encrypted tunnel. Every website you visit and button you click becomes invisible to criminals, snoopers, or even your internet service provider. It also changes your IP address so you can hide your virtual location.

Best VPN uses Online security

A VPN helps you enjoy digital security from the moment you click “connect.” The best VPNs cloak your online activity in next-gen encryption so you can browse safely on any device, on any network. Your data stays safe whether you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi, browsing on a cellular network, or using a public hotspot.

Most VPNs also let you protect more than one device with a single account so you can browse the web on your PC, laptop, and smartphone without stress. Just make sure the VPN you choose works on every major operating system so you can download VPN apps for every device you want to protect.

Change your virtual location

Ever tried to access your favorite website when abroad only to find it’s unavailable in that region? It means you just came across a geo-restriction. Some countries, especially those with more restrictive regimes, censor specific websites. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even Wikipedia aren’t always available.

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This is where a VPN can help. VPN services offer servers in dozens of countries, so you can change your virtual location in the blink of an eye. Unblock sites, access geo-blocked content, and stay in touch with your friends and family even on geo-blocked social networks.

Increase your speed

Some internet service providers slow your internet connection deliberately to deter specific online activities. This can range from P2P sharing to online gaming. A VPN helps you avoid traffic-based internet throttling.

Since a VPN hides your browsing from everyone, your ISP can’t throttle your connection based on its type — it doesn’t know what you’re up to. Just make sure you pick a fast VPN service. Otherwise, the VPN will actually slow you down (more on that later).

Which VPN should you choose?

There are plenty of VPN choices, so picking the right service for you might be overwhelming. We’re here to help. Our top pick for a VPN is NordVPN:

  • It has one of the biggest server networks out there — 5,500+ servers in 59 countries.
  • NordVPN is officially the fastest VPN on the market, so you can browse smoothly.
  • You can secure up to six devices with one account.
  • NordVPN apps work on all the major operating systems.
  • NordVPN also has a strict no-logs policy confirmed multiple times by independent auditors. That means NordVPN never tracks or logs your online activities.
  • NordVPN has extra security features like Kill Switch, auto-connect, split tunneling, and numerous specialty servers to fit your every browsing need. But these aren’t the only reasons NordVPN is a great VPN app — it’s more than just a VPN. NordVPN offers numerous features that make your online experience even better. Threat Protection NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature ensures you never take a wrong turn on the web. It automatically blocks malicious websites, intrusive ads, and trackers. In addition, Threat Protection scans the files you download for malware and deletes them before your device gets infected. Dark Web Monitor NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor scans the websites on the dark web for your leaked credentials. If Dark Web Monitor finds your information exposed, it immediately alerts you, so you can take steps to protect your data. Meshnet Meshnet, NordVPN’s latest feature, lets you access devices remotely via a secure, encrypted connection. With Meshnet, you can host LAN parties, access files on remote devices, and let others securely access your local web server.
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Ready to step up your privacy and security? Get rid of digital stress with NordVPN.

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