Wakfu Season 4 Release Date and Everything We Know

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Wakfu is a very famous France-based anime series. It currently has 3 seasons and fans are eagerly waiting for the next season. Since the end of the third season, there have been a lot of leaks and rumors about the release of the fourth season. 

Although the publishers of Wakfu: anime series have not yet announced the release of season 4, all the fans are expecting the release and there is still some story left to explain in the series. So, it is most probable that the developers of Wakfu will release season 4.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything that has been revealed about Wakfu season 4. This article will include topics like Wakfu season 4 release date, Wakfu season 4 storyline, number of episodes in Wakfu season 4, duration of episodes in Wakfu season 4, publishing group of Wakfu season 4, and a cast of Wakfu season 4.

Cast and publishers of Wakfu

The publishers of Wakfu have not yet teased the information about Wakfu season 4 since the delay in April 2021, but the basic information like the publishers and cast can be known from the previous seasons of the series:- 

  • Director: Anthony Roux
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
  • Cast: Yugo, Adamai, Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm
  • Production: Ankama
  • Producer(S): Anthony Roux
  • Music: Guillaume Houzé
  • Where to Watch: Netflix, France 3, France 4
  • Original languages: English, French

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date

The first ever season of Wakfu was first telecasted on television in 2008 and that season continued till 5th June 2010. Later, the publishers released the first episode of Wakfu season 2 on 26th February and ended the season on 3rd March 2012.

The last released season of Wakfu, which was Wakfu season 3 was first telecasted on 2nd September 2017 and ended on 17th September 2017. The fans have been waiting for the next season since that day.

 Since, it has been a long time since the release of the last season, even longer than the gap between the 2nd and the 3rd season, many people are expecting the Wakfu season 4 to release between 2022 July – 2023 September. 

Wakfu season 4:- Number of episodes and duration of episodes

As I have mentioned earlier that there is no announcement or hints given by the publishers about the Wakfu season 4 after the delay in April 2021 due to the pandemic, so we have very carefully assumed the number of episodes in the next season of Wakfu. 

Wakfu season 1 and season 2 contained 26 episodes, the season 3 only contained 13 episodes. As the major part of the story has already been displayed in the previous seasons, the new season shouldn’t be that long either like the 3rd season. 

Wakfu season 4 is most probably going to have between 13-20 episodes. The average duration of the episodes will also be similar to the previous seasons. The average duration of episodes has been 22-25 minutes in the previous seasons, it is going to be the same in the next season. 

Wakfu season 4 Storyline:-

Wakfu is an Action, Adventure Drama, and Fantasy genre-based anime series. The whole story revolves around the character named Yugo. The story starts when Yugo was handed over to a bounty hunter in a small village, the bounty hunter who was going to raise Yugo was told that Yugo will have to find his real parents when the right time comes. 

Later in the story, Yugo realized that he has some supernatural powers. Yugo starts helping his friends, family, and villagers with his powers along with finding clues about his biological parents. 

It is most probable that season 4 will directly start from the ending of season 3. There are many fan theories about Wakfu season 4, you can read them for enjoyment till the release of season 4.


Is Wakfu season 4 release date?

Wakfu season 4 may be released in April 2021, maybe this will be the last season of wakfu. The previous season wakfu season 3 was released in 2017.

Is Wakfu discontinued?

It is foreseen that wakeup season 4 will be the last season and wakeup will be discontinued.

Ankama planned that season 4 will be the last season of wakfu.

Is Wakfu an anime?

Yes, wakfu is an anime. Almost all the cartoons launched in Japan are Anime. Like Phineas and ferb, 

What happened to Wakfu season 4?

The wakfu will be released in April 2021, it has been announced by the creators. Maybe this series will premiere this year and will be the last season of Wakfu.

How old is Yugo Wakfu?

Hugo is 12-year-old Eliatrope, he is of good nature and brother of dragon Adamai. He can create portals and can use them to travel across short distances.

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