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Wally Kurth Teases Paternity Shocker on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Wally Kurth Teases Paternity Shocker on ‘Days Of Our Lives’

Days of Our Lives star Wally Kurth has teased an upcoming paternity shocker that will shake Salem to its core. Additionally, he shared insights on working with his ex on General Hospital.

Wally Kurth is not your typical soap actor. While many find themselves juggling twin characters on the same show, Kurth manages two completely separate roles across different networks. He first appeared as Justin Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives in 1987 and, after a brief departure in 1991, returned to the role in 2009.

During his hiatus from Days of Our Lives, Kurth took on the character of Ned Quartermaine in ABC’s General Hospital. Although he stepped away from General Hospital in 2007 to focus on Days, he has been portraying both characters consistently since 2013.

Recently, Kurth received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 2024 Daytime Emmys, although he lost to his General Hospital co-star, Robert Gossett. In an interview with Daytime Confidential on the Emmys red carpet, Kurth discussed the challenge of working on two soap operas simultaneously.

Kurth mentioned a memorable scene from General Hospital that involved his on-screen daughter’s wedding: “Yeah, a real wedding! It followed through. It didn’t end in a murder. No one ran from the altar, which has happened to me a couple of times. Those big scenes are kind of fun. You get to see a lot of actors that you don’t normally see or work with. It’s always fun. I remember being squeezed on the pew next to my ex-wife (Rena Sofer, Lois Cerullo), and that was always fun. We get along good!”

Kurth and Rena Sofer were married from 1995 to 1997 and share a daughter.

Switching to Days of Our Lives, Kurth revealed that his Emmy reel featured scenes from Victor’s death storyline. John Aniston, who portrayed Victor, passed away in 2022, prompting the show to conclude the villain’s arc.

Kurth remarked, “You know, everyone experiences loss and when you do it on the show, people relate to that. It maybe helps them grieve. Actors have to share those deep emotions about grief and love.”

During this tumultuous time for Justin, he was also grappling with the news that Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) wasn’t his son. It was revealed that his ex, Anjelica, had slept with Victor, who supposedly fathered Alex.

However, Kurth dropped a bombshell: a major paternity twist is on the horizon. It turns out Alex is indeed Justin’s son, and the initial claim about Victor being the father was false. This revelation adds a new layer of complexity to the storyline, setting the stage for even more drama in Salem.

As more unfolds, fans are eagerly waiting to see what other twists and turns await their favorite characters on Days of Our Lives.

Source: Daytime Confidential