Walmart will stop selling cigarettes in some stores

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Walmart will stop selling cigarettes at some of its U.S. stores even though the sale of tobacco products may be a major revenue generator.

The Wall Street Journal was the first outlet to break the news on Monday. He noted that some of the chain’s stores in California, Florida, Arkansas, and New Mexico are on the list, citing anonymous sources and store visits.

Walmart isn’t the first retail chain in the U.S. to suspend cigarette sales even on a trial basis, but it’s the latest to do so.

Target adopted the same measure in 1996 and pharmacy chain CVS Health did so in 2014.

CVS Health’s sales in non-pharmacy areas fell for a couple of quarters following the recall of tobacco products, and the company predicted that not having such products would hurt its annual earnings by 7 to 8 cents per share.

However, total revenue has increased year-over-year after a series of acquisitions and changes to its stores driven by the company’s healthcare offering. CVS Health bought health insurance company Aetna in 2017.

Decisions about recalling cigarettes at Walmart will be made from store to store, based on the business and private market, the company said Monday.

“We are always looking for ways to meet the needs of our customers while operating an efficient business,” Walmart said in a prepared statement.

Health officials say cigarette smoking causes about one in five deaths in the United States a year.

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