Walter Obregón says he is single and repentant despite Susy Díaz’s defense

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Walter Obregon was present in the recent edition of “Magaly TV: The Firm”, Where he spoke about what happened last Tuesday after being denounced for physical and psychological violence by his ex-partner Iris Castillo.

“First of all, Magaly I want to say that I am sorry, to begin with it has not been two days (that I have been locked up) it was three days”he commented.

He also pointed out that he was not the one who had his cell phone when he was locked up. “The police worked according to what they had to do. At no time have they supported me. I have been online for labor issues and they were my workers “he commented.

Regarding the previous complaints of violence, the nicknamed “Prince of Huarmey” did not want to speak and pointed out that the judge has prohibited him from talking about the issue.

The businessman confessed that he kept talking and seeing each other with Susy diaz, confirming that he was unfaithful to Castillo during their coexistence. It should be noted that this is the reason why Castillo left her home with her belongings and Obregón beat her.

Obregón also said that it is true that he planned a trip to Cancun (Mexico) with Díaz, but that he is still seeing his future alongside the former congresswoman. “I am single, we will see what happens”he commented.

Minutes before, Deysi Araujo revealed that the couple has a planned trip and that Obregón was going to ask for her hand in getting married. This after Díaz regained his single status after obtaining a divorce from Andy V.

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