Wanderlust-Inducing Titles on Netflix Right Now

A great film or television show can really transport you to a whole new place. Sitting down after a long hard day at work and escaping into a different world is a wonderful way to spend an evening. With this in mind, we’ve brought a handful of shows together that show a perfect snapshot of what life is like in various parts of North America. Whether you want to journey into the Alaskan wilderness, be wowed by the bright lights of Vegas, or be absorbed into a whirlwind romance in the South, Netflix has got you covered.

Win the Wilderness, A Bracing Alaskan Adventure

First up is an Alaskan adventure like no other. In tandem with the BBC, Netflix has made what might be one of the most wanderlust-inspiring reality competition shows ever. This series sees a selection of couples completing progressively more and more difficult survival-style tasks. After each task, the couples are judged on their performance by Alaskan survivalists whose feedback is relayed to an elderly couple. Why? This elderly couple has decided to give the home and garden that they built with their own hands to a winning couple of survivalists. Their home is hours and hours of trekking from the nearest civilization, so they need to be sure that whichever couple they choose will be up to the challenge. They’ll need to chop enough wood to keep themselves warm all winter, grow and hunt enough food to be more or less self-sufficient, and battle some of the harshest living conditions on the planet.

Vegas, A Glimpse Into the Glitz

Netflix has scored again with this brilliant documentary titled simply, Vegas. There’s nothing like a 3D documentary to really immerse you in a setting, so it’s no surprise that many of the people who finish this documentary immediately want to book a trip to Vegas for themselves. If you fall into that camp then it can be a good idea to get a little game practice in online first, so that you’re feeling confident when you arrive in Sin City. As well as being a good space to practice in, another useful thing about playing online is that you can also take advantage of some bonuses and free games, like a casino bonus to play popular titles like blackjack or roulette, or free games like solitaire and chess.

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Sweet Magnolias,  A Sweet Southern Sojourn

If you’re more of a fiction person then sometimes you might feel a little left out of the wanderlust genre. However, Sweet Magnolias is maybe the series that you needed to discover. Set in the fictional town of Serenity in the Southern US, Sweet Magnolias is all about romance, gossip, careers, friendship and everything else that makes the world go around for a Southern busybody. It’s juicy in parts, tearjerking in others and a great portrayal of life in the South. It’s not all sipping on a sweet iced tea on the porch though; this series really does provide an accurate picture of what life is like in this part of the country and never seems overdone or exaggerated.

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