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Warner Bros. Confirmed It Fired Ruby Rose From Batwoman And Revealed Reasons

Scandal once again reached the world of Warner Bros. and DC. Just as it had happened between Ray Fisher and the companies for the way they dealt with complaints of mistreatment against Joss Whedon, Ruby Rose made public her accusations against the company for which she stopped working in May 2020, when she was the protagonist of the series Batwoman. His place was taken by the actress Javicia Leslie.

In May of last year, the actress announced that she was leaving without giving too many details and today she broke the silence through stories published in Instagram, where he accused The CW, the showrunner of the series, Caroline Dries, and the producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter. “I will say what happened to me so that it never happens to anyone again”, assured Rose.

Rose recalled that he had to undergo surgery for an injury on set and pointed out that the head of Warner Bros. TV, Peter Roth, extorted her to come back early by telling her that it would cost her “millions” at the signal and that they would fire all their co-workers. He also reported inappropriate behavior to his colleague, Dougray Scott. On the other hand, he made it clear that during the filming the safety of stuntmen was not guaranteed and that one ended up with “Third degree burns all over his body”.

“I would not return for any amount of money even if they put a gun to my head”said the actress who was in charge of underlining that she had not resigned. “They ruined Kate Kane and destroyed Batwoman”Ruby Rose pointed out. “If I wanted to stay I would have had to renounce my rights”, highlighted in a series of stories where he also showed the surgical intervention that was performed.

Warner Bros. response was immediate

After learning of the complaints made by Ruby Rose, Warner Bros. TV presented a statement in which they completely denied what the actress said. There, they highlighted that the artist had been fired after conducting an internal investigation after receiving “Complaints about his behavior in the workplace”. The latter was something that was rumored but it was only officially confirmed this day.

“Beyond revisionist history that Ruby Rose is sharing on the internet against the producers, the cast, the crew, the signal and the studio, the reality is that Warner Bros. Television decided not to use the option to hire Ruby for season two of Batwomanthey said in the statement. In addition, they explained that there were “Multiple complaints” what were “Thoroughly reviewed and handled privately out of respect for the parties involved”.

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