Warrior Nun Season 2: Everything we Know About this Netflix Sequel so Far

When Warrior Nun debuted on Netflix in 2020, little did anyone know it would become one of the top ten trending shows of that time, and the fans would wait for its next season! Netflix soon dropped the hint that the makers are releasing the sequel in 2022, and the fans could not keep calm.

Warrior Nun is a Netflix Original fantasy-drama series based on the comic book series of the same name by Den Dunn. It is directed by Simon Barry. The production of this show is carried out by the same team behind Game of Thrones.

What is Warrior Nun all About?

The story in season 1 follows a young orphan, Ava (Alba Baptista), who wakes up in a morgue and discovers that she is imbued with some ancient abilities through an artifact embedded in her back. She joins the Order of the Cruciform Sword, a group of Warrior Nuns. This group has sworn to protect the world from demonic forces.

Recently, the OTT platform released a new teaser trailer featuring a recap of season 1, with some new clips to excite the audience. The forthcoming season has many things in store, including its new villain, Adriel.

What will be the Plot of Season 2?

Season 1 ended with an open ending and a huge twist. Ava decided to destroy the remains of angel Adriel who died after sacrificing his halo to the Order to save her. But when Ava arrived at his tomb, she was surprised to follow that Adriel was alive.

It was then revealed that Adriel is not an angel but a demon who stole a halo to ward off his capture. He carried on with the angel act to dispose of the halo, and get the Knights Templar to fight for him. Even Father Vincent was no saint. All this while, he was working for Adriel and had been manipulating the protagonist.

WARRIOR NUN (L to R) ALBA BAPTISTA as AVA in EPISODE 8 of WARRIOR NUN. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/NETFLIX © 2020

It is expected that the overarching plot of the series will be about how Ava and her fellow warrior nuns will react to the fact that the Order itself was founded on lies. Now, it is up to these nuns to find a way to stop Adriel and put an end to his evil plan.

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The ending of season 1 also left many unanswered questions that the viewers are curious to find out.

What happened to JC?

Where did Michael do?

We are expecting to know everything in this upcoming season.

Show-runner Barry has something to Say

The show-runner of the series, Simon Barry, has something to say about the second season.

“When we were finishing Season 1, we had many more avenues to go down story-wise. So we created a folder thinking, hey, if we are lucky enough to get Season 2, here are some things we could draw from. After seeing the show completed, we regrouped just to talk about ideas”.

Know Everything About the Cast of Season 2

The viewers are expecting major cast members to reprise their roles while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

  • Alba Baptista as Ava Silva
  • Toya Turner as Sister Mary/Shotgun Mary
  • Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius
  • Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith
  • Kristinia Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice
  • Tristan Ulloa as Father Vincent
  • Sylvia De Danti as Mother Superion
  • William Miller as Adriel

In October 2021, the makers announced that three new faces would join the cast of the upcoming season. Meena Rayann (Game of Thrones) will be channeling Coptic nun/journalist Yasmine Amunet. Jack Mullarkey (Vikings: Valhalla) will play the dynamic activist Miguel, and Richard Clotheir (Fantastic Beats and Where to Find them) will portray the Vatican’s William Foster.

This announcement has increased the excitement of the fans manifold, we must say.

When will Warrior Nun Season 2 be Released?

As of now, there is no official release date announced by the makers. According to sources, the shoot for season 2 started in July 2021 and wrapped around December. Simon Barry even shared a post that he had seen all the episodes of the upcoming season.

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We expect season 2 to premiere sometime in July 2022.

Why Did it Take So Long for Season 2 to Get There?

When Netflix announced the sequel of their successful show, the fans started jumping with joy. They were expecting the season to get aired by 2021. But because of pandemic restrictions, the production could not launch in earnest. It finally began to plan everything in the summer of 2021.

In 2021, Barry announced on Twitter that the main unit production had wrapped filming. When the fans became suspicious about season 2, Barry confirmed their suspicions last year in December by posting a behind-the-scenes photo with a caption, “Happy New Year from #WarriorNun – we can’t wait to share Season 2 with you in 2022!”

How many Episodes will Season 2 have?

The first season of Warrior Nun had ten episodes, and we expect the same from its sequel.

How Many Total Seasons will the Show Have?

Hitherto, we know that Warrior Nun will release its season 2 with a bang. But if the director had his choice, he would also get a third, fourth, and fifth season too. In fact, he quoted in an interview that anything between five and seven seasons for the show would be a great idea.

Barry also stated that their team had ideas out of the first season writing room, and they thought it would be interesting for the second season if they were lucky enough to get one. He further revealed that the first season held many secrets, and the second season will soon have the cat out of the bag.

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Will the Fans Find their Answers?

All eyes are on the release date of season 2 so that the fans know about the following.

  • Was it truly an act for Father Vincent?
  • Is there something about Ava and Beatrice that we did not know?
  • Will Lilith and Ava become friends?
  • What happened to Lilith on the other side?

We are waiting for Warrior Nun Season 2 from the bottom of our hearts.

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