Was it because of Tom Holland ?: the reason why Zendaya did not want to kiss on screen

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“Tomdaya” is how fans cataloged the relationship between zendaya and Tom Holland. After years of waiting for the announcement, it was only a few months ago that the actors were first caught kissing. After starring in three films together, it now seems that love finally crossed the screen and, in fact, they are no longer hiding.

Since Page Six published their photos of kissing, many things have been said about the relationship between Tom Holland and zendaya. Some believe that it is nothing more than promotional marketing for Spiderman: no way home, but others fervently believe in this love. What’s more, little by little they are showing that every day they are more together than ever.

In addition to enjoying several dates together and attending weddings as a couple, they also dedicate tender messages on Instagram. As well as Tom’s birthday greeting to Zendaya there is also her comment on one of his posts. But now, they return to star in all the headlines for a new news that transcended about a decision that the actress made.

At first it was believed that it had to do with Holland, but it should be noted that at that time they still did not know each other since Spiderman: homecoming it wasn’t in Marvel’s plans. Apparently when zendaya I was 14 years old and starred Shake it Up On Disney Channel, a series of which he has great memories, he had to say “no” to the production.

In an interview with VOGUE, the singer also assured that she refused to kiss on screen not because she was a minor, but because she had not yet given her first kiss. “I remember in Shake it Up having to say I won’t do this”, He began by saying and then added:“I’m going to kiss him on the cheek because I haven’t kissed anyone yet and I don’t want the first time to be in front of the cameras”.

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Likewise, before this medium, the protagonist of Euphoria He also commented on his sentimental plans for the future. “One day I will have a family, but I do not set a date, when it has to happen, it will”, Were his words with which he implied that, at least his current relationship, he wants to take it easy.


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