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Watch BLACKPINK Dominate ‘World Tour [Born Pink] In Cinemas’ Trailer

BLACKPINK in your area — and a theater near you!

The superstar girl group unveiled the trailer on Tuesday (July 9) for their upcoming concert film celebrating their eighth anniversary, BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS , which is set to hit screens worldwide on July 31. In the 30-second clip, the girls are seen dominating global stages, executing flawless choreography and getting cheered on by their loving fans, affectionately known as the Blinks.

The movie directed by Yoondong Oh and Geun Min will chronicle the world tour that played to 1.8 million fans across the globe in support of BLACKPINK’s chart-topping 2022 sophomore album, BORN PINK . The film will premiere in more than 110 countries, which a release said will make it the largest-ever global cinema event release for a female group.

The movie will feature the tour’s iconic “Hanok” set — which mimicked the look of a traditional Korean house — with a release noting, “mesmerized fans and press worldwide… [showcasing] an unprecedented production scale, presenting exclusive versions of BLACKPINK’s hit songs unique to this concert. It includes performances from Seoul’s Gocheok Dome alongside footage from cities across the global tour.” The Born Pink tour criss-crossed the globe from Oct. 2022 through Sept. 2023.


BLACKPINK in your area — and soon in a theater near you!

The superstar girl group has released the trailer for their upcoming concert film, BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS, set to celebrate their eighth anniversary. The film will grace screens worldwide on July 31. In the 30-second teaser, BLACKPINK members are seen mesmerizing global audiences with their extraordinary performances, executing flawless choreography while receiving immense support from their adoring fans, known as Blinks.

This cinematic project, directed by Yoondong Oh and Geun Min, will document the group’s world tour, which attracted a staggering 1.8 million fans worldwide, in support of their chart-topping sophomore album, BORN PINK, released in 2022. According to the release notes, the film’s debut in over 110 countries will mark the largest ever global cinema event for a female musical act.

A key highlight of the movie will be the tour’s unique “Hanok” set, modeled after a traditional Korean house. The release details emphasize that the set, which captivated fans and press alike, showcased an unparalleled production scale. The film promises to present exclusive versions of BLACKPINK’s hit songs, tailored specifically for this concert. The movie includes performances captured at Seoul’s Gocheok Dome alongside footage from various other cities throughout the tour, which spanned from October 2022 to September 2023.

The highly anticipated concert film will not merely be a celebration of BLACKPINK’s music but also a testament to their monumental success and the connection they hold with fans globally. The collaboration of visionary directors and the impressive scale of the production hint at an extraordinary cinematic experience that aims to honor the band’s impressive eight-year journey and their remarkable rise to international stardom.

With less than a month until the film’s release, excitement continues to build among the Blinks and general music lovers. This unique experience offers fans who couldn’t attend the tour the chance to witness BLACKPINK’s mesmerizing performances and intricate stage designs up close. For those who were lucky enough to see the tour in person, the film will undoubtedly provide fond memories of those electrifying nights.

BLACKPINK’s tour, which was an artistic and commercial triumph, brought their cultural impact to the forefront, making every concert a significant event. Now, as the tour comes to an end, the [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS project seeks to encapsulate those unforgettable moments, enabling global audiences to relive the grandeur of BLACKPINK’s stage performances.

The film’s expansive release strategy across 110 countries demonstrates the group’s worldwide appeal and the universal love for their music and performances. By offering a glimpse into the lives behind the scenes, the film aims to deepen the connection between BLACKPINK and their global fanbase, highlighting why they continue to dominate the music industry.

As the film’s premiere date draws near, fans can expect teasers and additional promotional material, further building the excitement. BLACKPINK seems poised once again to break records and captivate audiences, this time through the silver screen.


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