How To Watch Dexter Season 8 Online Free? 

Showtime is bringing back its critically acclaimed criminal drama “Dexter” with a brand-new miniseries, marking the first time in more than a decade that it has done so. Michael C. Hall, who won an Emmy for his performance as the enigmatic Dark Passenger, reprises the role of serial killer Dexter Morgan in the show. 

After an absence of eight years, the notorious serial killer and blood spatter specialist makes his comeback to our screens. Michael C. Hall’s character, Dexter Morgan, has just relocated to a more rural area to begin a new life. When we hook up, there is a significant amount of remaining energy in his Dark Passenger.

After Dexter’s eighth season, the character was seen living in the tranquil and chilly village of Iron Lake, New York, which is also the setting of the sequel Dexter: New Blood. 

He used to work as an investigator at murder scenes, but now he’s just a shopkeeper in a sleepy little village. Despite this, Dexter is compelled to go back in time because a new serial murderer is terrorizing Iron Lake.

What is the Story Behind the New Season of Dexter?

How To Watch Dexter Season 8

“Dexter: New Blood” picks up almost one decade after “Dexter” ended, with Michael C. Hall’s namesake serial killer trying to seek a new beginning in a quiet neighborhood while the entire world chooses to believe he died in a boating accident. 

The protagonist of “Dexter: New Blood” is the character Dexter Morgan, who was played by Michael C. Hall. Dexter can get a regular job and a girlfriend, Angela Bishop, by disguising himself and going by a false identity (Julia Jones). 

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Dexter’s murderous impulses are reawakened when his son Harrison (Jack Alcott) comes around, setting him on a downhill spiral that will lead him to meet paths with a deadly local. Everything seems to be going well until Dexter’s son Harrison (Jack Alcott) arrives.

How to watch all seasons of Dexter online? 

Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, DIRECTV, and Spectrum all provide the complete first eight seasons of the original “Dexter” series for streaming. On Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu, you may either rent or buy the series depending on your preference. Vudu does not provide either option.

Who from the cast of “Dexter” will be reprising their roles in “Dexter: New Blood”?

How To Watch Dexter Season 8

Dexter as Michael C. Hall.We will see Michael playing the lead character of Dexter. Whereas Jennifer Carpenter will be seen playing as Debra Morgan.The role of Arthur Mitchell/The Trinity Killer is played by John Lithgow.

Loaded with new cast members

After the deaths of a large number of recurring characters from the first season, “Dexter: New Blood” will feature an entirely new cast of characters, with a few notable and surprising exceptions.

Fans of the Dexter franchise may find it fascinating that Clyde Phillips, who stepped down from his position as showrunner after the first four seasons of the Dexter franchise and is now back for this new version, is involved in the production of the series. Phillips is not the only well-recognized figure from Dexter’s earlier days, though. 

In the next season of New Blood, John Lithgow will reprise his role as the Trinity Killer, which he first played in season 4. However, Phillips is not the only well-known figure from Dexter’s earlier days to make an appearance. This entire thing is quite interesting, but I was wondering where exactly you might go to see it.

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How to watch Dexter season 8?

Starting with the very first episode, “Dexter,” and going all the way to the last episode of “Dexter: New Blood,” all of the episodes of the Dexter television series are now available for viewing online. 

The television audiences in the United States and the United Kingdom were treated to brand new episodes of “Dexter” every week. If you are in the United States, you can tune in to Showtime on Sundays at 21:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST) to see the next episode of the Dexter television series. After that, followers in the United Kingdom may get a peek of it on Sky Atlantic on Monday at 22:00 GMT if they tune in at that time.

However, the primary reason why some programs, such as Succession, are shown at the same time across all time zones is because of an agreement with HBO. 

The vast majority of other television series, including our protagonist Dexter and his motivation to kill, are obliged to accept an element of contradiction to varying degrees. Be wary of anything that may potentially reveal anything before you eventually have the opportunity to catch up on Monday evenings.

How to stream Dexter online? 

How To Watch Dexter Season 8

Yes! After it airs, each new episode of Dexter will be made accessible to view online. After an episode has aired on Showtime, it will be available via Hulu’s on-demand streaming platform so that users may watch it whenever they want. 

In a similar vein, if you want to keep up with the latest episodes after they have been shown on Sky Atlantic, you may utilize Now TV in the United Kingdom (UK) to do so.

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While you wait, you may watch Dexter episodes from all of the past seasons on Showtime in the United States or on Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom. 

It is important to note that to see the episodes, British fans will need to make a separate digital purchase for each season since they are not included in the platform’s basic membership package. Having said that, this ought to keep any unwelcome passengers at bay – at least for the time being.


For all the Dexter fans out there, it is a moment of joy that finally the show is returning with a bang. The episodes of “Dexter: New Blood” will be available to stream on the Showtime app for those viewers who would rather watch the show online, most likely at the same time that they broadcast on television.

You may also buy the Showtime channel as a premium add-on to other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, DIRECTV, Roku, and YouTube TV, even if you don’t have the app.

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