Watch Jennifer Lopez’s Reaction After Being Questioned About Her Romance With Ben Affleck

All the details on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's intimate family date

Jennifer Lopez isn’t ready to speak out loud about her relationship with Ben Affleck.

On Tuesday, July 20, the superstar singer made a virtual appearance on Today next to Lin-Manuel Miranda. After announcing the relaunch of his song Love Make the World Go Round In honor of the fifth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub tragedy, the host Hoda Kotb He mentioned a change he noticed in Lopez.

“You look happier,” he told Lopez. “Look, I just have to tell you, every time I see a picture of you and Ben, I think, ‘He looks happier, he looks happier.’ Are we happier?”

And while Lopez agreed that she is “happy,” she avoided any direct mention of Affleck. “The song came out five years ago, five years since we made it,” he told Kotb. “And I think that message of loving each other and coming together and loving is never more relevant than it is now.”

Lopez and Affleck, who split in 2004 after canceling their wedding, sparked romance rumors in May after enjoying a romantic getaway to Montana. Since then, Lopez, 51, and Affleck, 48, have been seemingly inseparable. In addition to spending time with each other’s families, the Oscar winner has been helping the singer from On the Floor looking for a house in the Los Angeles area.

“She is looking for a new home for herself,” a source told E! News about Lopez, who also spends time in Miami and New York. “She plans to be in Los Angeles full time, so she would like a home that is more substantial for herself and the children.”

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While they aren’t moving in together yet, Lopez and Affleck’s relationship appears to be stronger than ever. “Jen’s kids really like Ben and they think he’s funny and he’s fun to be with,” a source told E! News. “He has totally won over the family with his charm.”

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