Watch out! This message that appears to be from Amazon steals your bank card

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Currently there are many threats that circulate on the Internet, which makes many people less and less confident when buying something online, opening a link, document or entering certain personal data. Yet every day millions are victims of all kinds of scams. This time, Facua just alerted of a new scam that impersonate Amazon to steal the bank cards of their victims.

Cybercriminals know perfectly well that most people use Amazon to make their purchases and that is why they have used the image of the online shopping giant as a hook for this dangerous campaign.

Be very careful if you receive this message

The technique used is sending an email message in which it appears that we have been selected to receive a price. These emails pretend to be an official communication from Amazon, since it uses corporate colors and the same type of buttons as the online shopping giant. so their victims think they come through Amazon.

This message indicates that we have been selected to receive a gift which can be a smartphone or other types of devices or appliances. As they warn from ESET, this message is very successful and it is very easy to confuse it with a message that actually comes to us from Amazon.

Now, if at any time we click on some of the links that accompany this message, we will be redirected to a site that has nothing to do with Amazon. Of course, so that the victims continue to think that this is not the case, the appearance is still almost identical to that of the famous online sales platform.

The web to which we are redirected will show us a simple poll that we must fill in and then we will be shown three possible gifts available, a smartphone, an iPhone and a high-end vacuum cleaner. Next to each of them we will find a button to add it to the basket. If we click on any of them, we will again be redirected to another page where we are request personal data such as the name, surname, address, telephone number and email.

Next, and this is where the real danger comes in, we will also be asked to enter the data of our bank card to make the payment. At this time will be when the card data will fall into the hands of cybercriminals and they could make use of it or sell it to third parties, who will surely use them for no good purpose.

Therefore, be very careful if you receive any message of this type, in which case it is best to delete it automatically and never provide our bank card details.


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