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Watch "So Help Me Todd" Online for Free: A Guide

Watch “So Help Me Todd” Online for Free: A Guide

So Help Me Todd
Credits: CBS

Wondering how to watch So Help Me Todd online and which streaming platform offers the series? Here are all the details.

Created by Scott Prendergast, So Help Me Todd is a comedy-drama series. It revolves around the headstrong Margaret Wright and her talented yet directionless son Todd. She hires him as her in-house investigator at her law firm despite his laid-back attitude. The mother-son duo is always at odds due to Margaret’s no-nonsense attitude and Todd’s flexible ways. The series premiered on September 29, 2022 opening to mostly favorable reviews.

You can watch So Help Me Todd via Paramount Plus and Fubo TV. Both streaming services offer a wide variety of content. Paramount Plus is known for original series, movies, live sports, news, and a vast library of TV shows and films from networks like CBS, MTV, and BET. On the other hand, Fubo TV provides popular entertainment channels, including AMC, FX, Bravo, and others.

Viewing all episodes of So Help Me Todd is straightforward on Paramount Plus and Fubo TV by creating an account on their official websites.

If you are looking for ways to watch So Help Me Todd online for free legally, both Paramount Plus and Fubo TV have you covered. The series is available for free on these platforms through a seven-day free trial they each offer.

The series has a total of 31 episodes. It begins with the introduction of Todd, a former detective working on a case of insurance fraud. His life has taken a disastrous turn, staying in his sister’s garage. He also owes $90,000 to his lawyer mother as an assurance he didn’t get arrested after his PI partner Veronica framed him for false crimes. Later, Margaret gives him the case to find her missing second husband. The star cast features Marcia Gay Harden, Skylar Astin, Madeline Wise, Tristen J. Winger, and many others in key roles.