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Watch the Announcement of Potato Cakes’ Return

Arby’s has officially reintroduced its beloved Potato Cakes to the menu after a three-year hiatus. The crispy, shredded potato delicacy triumphantly returned on July 1, answering the persistent calls of loyal customers who have been clamoring for its comeback since its discontinuation in 2021. Arby’s announcement of the return was accompanied by a playful message on their social media: “The glorious and mighty Potato Cake has returned. Rejoice and celebrate with The Order of Potato Cakes before they ascend and vanish.”

The decision to bring back Potato Cakes came in response to an overwhelming outpouring of support from Arby’s patrons, who expressed their longing for the iconic side dish through various channels, including social media campaigns and online petitions. To celebrate the occasion, Arby’s has launched a unique marketing campaign featuring actor Kyle MacLachlan, known for his roles in cult classics like Twin Peaks. The campaign consists of two comedic videos that play on MacLachlan’s association with the supernatural and mysterious.

In the first video, MacLachlan appears at an Arby’s drive-through, still mourning the loss of Potato Cakes. The scene takes an unexpected turn when he discovers a glowing Potato Cake buried nearby, signaling the beginning of his journey as the leader of a mystical movement.

The second video portrays MacLachlan as a spiritual guru, welcoming viewers to “The Order of Potato Cakes.” Shot in the style of a vintage orientation video from the early 1980s, complete with retro title cards and soundtrack, MacLachlan narrates the grand return of the beloved Arby’s menu item with a mix of humor and mysticism.

Rita Patel, Arby’s brand president, emphasized the significance of this reintroduction, stating, “Arby’s has built a reputation on offering bold, delicious menu items–from our well-known classics like roast beef sandwiches and Jamocha Shake to our limited-time specials like the bourbon BBQ sandwiches–that fans ask for again and again. Now, we’re bringing back Potato Cakes, one of our most requested and most beloved items, to celebrate the true love, passion and devotion our guests show for them day in and day out.”

The return of Potato Cakes has been met with enthusiasm on social media, with many fans expressing their joy and relief. One commenter summed up the general sentiment by saying, “They should’ve never been taken off the menu.”

Potato Cakes are now available at participating Arby’s locations nationwide, with prices starting at $2.39 for a three-piece order. The menu item is being offered in servings of two, three, or four pieces. However, it’s important to note that this comeback is not permanent. Arby’s has designated the return of Potato Cakes as a limited-time offer, available only while supplies last.

To further commemorate the return, Arby’s has introduced exclusive merchandise for members of “The Order of Potato Cakes.” These items include amber necklaces, candles, enamel pins, and apparel such as T-shirts and hoodies, which are available at

The inclusion of Potato Cakes marks a significant shift from Arby’s 2021 decision to discontinue the item in favor of adding Crinkle Fries to their permanent menu alongside the classic Curly Fries. While the addition of Crinkle Fries was well-received, it clearly didn’t fill the void left by the Potato Cakes. For now, Arby’s enthusiasts are encouraged to visit their nearest participating location to indulge in the crispy, golden goodness of Potato Cakes.

Source: PopCulture