Watch the Matrix 4 sneak peek confirming when the trailer comes out

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Some time ago, Lana Wachowski surprised the world with the idea of ​​continuing what was one of the most important trilogies of the end of the last millennium and the beginning of the current one. Matrix was going to return to the cinema with a fourth film in which both Keanu Reeves What Carrie-Anne Moss they were to be present. Days ago, a short description of what fans can expect and today was released Warner Bros. revealed when the first full trailer can be seen.

Neo’s way of dodging bullets was the target of parodies in several movies. (IMDb)

The Choice is Yours (The choice is yours) is the website that was launched this day that allows followers of Matrix be able to interact with the two famous pills that Morfeo offers to Neo on the first tape. Each of the two leads to a complete teaser that plays with the clock of the computer from which it is being watched, and concludes with the message that, from next Thursday, the internet will be able to enjoy the first extended trailer of the film that will come this Christmas. You can test the page yourself at is the link or enjoy the version that began to circulate in networks here below.

Everything that is known about the new Matrix movie

Weeks ago, during the CinemaCon, the lucky ones who were present were able to enjoy an exclusive preview, along with the details of this new production that will only feature one of the two sisters Wachoswki. Lilli decided not to be part of this film that will be titled Matrix: Resurrections. The film will arrive almost twenty years after the release of the previous two, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions.

matrix keanu reeves neo hugo weaving

Hugo Weaving was the great villain of the trilogy. (IMDb)

The description published by those present noted that the trailer begins with Thomas Anderson (Reeves) without being perceived as Neo, in a therapy session with a psychologist played by Neil Patrick Harris. Anderson tells his doctor that he has dreams that feel like memories, which are actually the experiences he had as Neo in the battle of Zion.

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In the advance there was also Trinity (Moss) that intersects Neo in a coffee shop where they shake hands but don’t seem to recognize each other. Finally, the emblems of the saga, the red and blue pills enter the scene when a man in black (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) offers to Anderson the possibility of discovering reality if you take the right one. After staying with the red one, wake up like Neo, with several sequences similar to those seen in the original trilogy, but with new powers such as telekinesis.

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