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Watch Usher’s Uncensored BET Lifetime Achievement Awards Speech

BET’s decision to censor much of Usher’s 2024 BET Lifetime Achievement Award speech left many viewers baffled as the network’s attempt to mute curse words ended up silencing over half of his speech.

“Are they gonna upload Usher’s unedited speech on BET+ or something? This consistent muting is ridiculous,” one fan reacted on X/Twitter. Another added, “It’s the silent acceptance speech for the viewers at home for me. Just go to commercial. Congratulations, Usher! Sh*t!”

Before the muting, Usher managed to thank his wife Jennifer Goicoechea and mentors like Johnta Austin, L.A. Reid, and Babyface. He also discussed the importance of fatherhood and his own abandonment issues. However, the network’s attempt to mute his f-bombs resulted in fans missing out on much of his heartfelt message.

“I’m sorry I’m cursing, this is how I really feel,” Usher said to the audience. “At one point it got really thick, and motherf**kers wasn’t f**king with me. I get it, I understand, sometimes you gotta go through some sh*t to get to something.”

Usher continued, pointing to the men on stage who significantly influenced his career, “They’re solid, and it ain’t about a motherf**king hit record. They’re solid, and they gon’ always have my back, and I will always have theirs.”
Usher accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award onstage at the 2024 BET Awards at Peacock Theater on June 30, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty Images)

The full, uncensored speech can be watched below.

The speech followed a questionable tribute to the Atlanta legend. The tribute featured performances by Childish Gambino, Keke Palmer, Summer Walker, Marsha Ambrosius, Tinashe, Latto, and more. While Chloé, Teyana Taylor, Victoria Monét, and Coco Jones were praised for their contributions, the tribute received substantial criticism on social media.

“I should not be laughing at an Usher tribute. Someone at BET deserves jail time for this,” one viewer commented on Twitter/X. Another added, “We should’ve just let Usher perform his own tribute, chile.”

Other fans noted that Childish Gambino was the only male voice heard during the tribute, writing, “Usher’s tribute is filled with women because this new generation of male singers cannot sing nor perform.” Another fan highlighted the absence of other talented male R&B singers like Chris Brown, Lloyd, Mario, Tank, Luke James, Neyo, Avant, and Avery Wilson during the tribute.

Watch the performances below.

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