Waterproof and Invisible Liners for Dress-wearers

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These liners are waterproof and invisible for wearing dresses.

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Going without a ‘bra’ can be difficult when we are “tied” to it all the time.

The question is: why do we let the bra intervene in our decisions?

How many times have we said “no” to beautiful dresses just because of their neckline or open back design?

Proven: if the neckline of a garment doesn’t convince us, it’s probably for two reasons. Number one: we think we don’t have the “best body” to look beautiful. Number two: we are afraid of accidents, because those openings require us not to wear a bra, so we better not even try.

Our chest is not the problem.

These patches, for example, are an alternative support method to feel more comfortable. They are invisible and do not allow unauthorized portions of skin to escape and allow us to dance all night in complete safety.

Nippz reusable silicone nipple covers for neckline and bare back.

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Awkward neckline, that doesn’t look good or hard to wear? “Nipzz” from the brand “Ellaz” adapts to the craziest and most impossible opening (yes, those that defy gravity itself). Soon these nipple shields are going to be your best friends because they are an unmissable hack for day to day focused on the comfort of your body —especially your breasts—, with the purpose of making you feel free and calm. And yes, they are made for any size. Real solution, for real women.

What’s so special about them?

Nippz nude – reusable silicone nipple covers. (Photo: Amazon)

They are soft, self-adhesive, washable and reusable. They are thin, as if they were a second skin that you neither feel nor notice. They have a large size. They have a matte color that matches the skin tone. They have ultra-thin edges that blend with the skin texture. They are reusable, with an average life time of 30 times. Zero worry! They don’t come unstuck, they are sweat and waterproof. They include a nice case to make them last even longer. Yuya has used them and recommends them! BUY THEM for $499 at Amazon.com.mx

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How to use them?

It is simply necessary to remove the protective plastic that comes in each Nippz, then you have to place them on the nipples so that it covers the areola. Finally, when removing, they must be placed in their mold with the glue facing in.

7 Ideas for using them

– Dress with a deep neckline
– Garments with bare backs
– Swimming suits
– Strapless garments
– Clothing with transparencies or lace
– Any clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable with a bra
– Transition between wearing a bra and free the nipple

What do you think of them?

There may be several similar products out there, but there are none quite like these nipple shields that have real, immediate and lasting benefits. There is no pain, irritation, or grief. On Amazon they are “Amazon Option” and there is a reason. Hundreds of women love them, they have become a salvation. Like this person who knows that they are incomparable: “they are incredible, they do not mark any difference from others, they are totally worth it, I use them almost daily.” Another person recommends these liners for the following: “I like that they are very thin and do not show through at all in clothing. They are very discreet and work for many dresses and blouses.” A surfer even comments how delighted he is with them: “They are very comfortable, a good size and indeed the edges are not noticeable, and they resist water (I use them wear under a surf shirt when swimming in a river)”. They are a good company to release the breasts, someone on the platform shared their experience: “I haven’t used a ‘bra’ for more than 3 years and I have tried several similar products to wear with see-through shirts and this has been the best so far, I highly recommend it.”

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