“We always wanted to see the planes flying”: the Government’s analysis after the openings and the release of quotas

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Along with the openings that came into effect this Friday, the national government confirmed that there will be a gradual growth of the quotas enabled for flights abroad, until its definitive elimination, which will arrive 15 days after having reached 50% of the population with complete vaccination schedules, a threshold that could be reached this weekend. TN.com.ar spoke with Paola Tamburelli, director of the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), which referred to the new measures.

“It was a very long job to get to this stage. It is one more step in what is the management of aviation in pandemic, but this release of quotas and have been able to confirm that flights are not a vector of contagion it leaves us very satisfied ”, he commented.

-What expectations do you have regarding the new measures? Is there one with which you do not agree on time and affect the sector?

-It’s a joint effort. Measurements are taken across all sectors. You always have to be very careful with expectations, because this is day to day. When we set out to open, variants of COVID-19 began to emerge and we had to close down. We are optimistic and hopefully the evolution of the pandemic will allow us to sustain these openings over time.

-When do you estimate that the sector will be able to recover?

-This will be achieved in line with the recovery of economic activities in general. All the airlines in the world suffered inconveniences. From ANAC we always wanted to see airplanes flying.

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-How will the authorization dynamics of the flights requested by the airlines be from now on?

-The itineraries will remain the same. Once 50% of the population is reached with second doses, and the agreed two weeks have passed, it will depend on what the companies present. There the companies will have already made their business plans and forecasts. And then they will make their respective presentations. Schedule schedules are evaluated and approved in accordance with aircraft capacity and safety standards, and flight routes. As of the pandemic, the validity of the authorizations was modified according to the duration of the Administrative Decisions.

-How is the communication with the representatives of the airlines in the country? From JURCA, for example, they indicated on several occasions that they were not consulted for decision-making that involves them.

-Both with JURCA, as with IATA (International Air Transport Association), we have permanent communication. In fact, we have met with them today (Friday) and they were very satisfied and grateful with the lifting of the restrictions.

-What effects will the elimination of the presentation of the antigen test have for those who enter the country with the two doses?

-It will make it possible to eliminate the two-hour separation between flight and flight. All of us who want connectivity thought it convenient. We already came with a separation of an hour and a half for the fuselage aircraft. It is 90 minutes for wide-body aircraft, which are the ones that carry the largest number of passengers, and one hour for narrow-body aircraft.

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– Isn’t it a risky decision considering such a powerful circulation of the Delta variant in the world?

-It’s a measurement puzzle. Not all the measures are eliminated, but one that the health authorities deem appropriate.

-How did you experience the situation of the airlines that stopped operating in the country?

-Only Emirates stopped operating, and we have been informed that they are still interested in operating in the Argentine market. And there are new companies that want to fly in Argentina, such as Eastern Airlines or Edelweiss Air. As for others, it had nothing to do with the pandemic or with health decisions that have been made. LATAM decided to stop operating for economic reasons. Air New Zealand decided to shrink and not do more international operations. Alitalia went bankrupt.

How will the opening of quotas for the borders be?

  • From October 1 to 3: 2,300 places per day.
  • From October 4 to 10: 21,000 places per week.
  • From October 11 and up to 14 days after reaching 50% of the population with complete vaccination: 28,000 weekly places.
  • 14 days after reaching 50% of the population with a complete vaccination schedule, quotas are eliminated.
  • Maritime fluvial frequencies: 5 weekly operations for each of the passenger transport companies.

How will the stages be for the other countries

  • October 20: Second Resumption of Bioceanic and Antarctic Cruises and the cruise season is enabled.
  • November 1: Opening for all countries, with the incentive that tourists or non-resident foreigners must have insurance with Covid-19 coverage.
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What are the safe steps to enter Argentina?

  • Missions: Iguazú-Foz de Iguazú Border Center and Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport.
  • Mendoza: Gobernador Francisco Gabrielli “El Plumerillo” International Airport and Cristo Redentor System Border Center, Horcones pass.
  • Ushuaia: “Malvinas Argentinas” International Airport and Ushuaia Port. (From October 20)
  • Airports: The International airports of Ezeiza, Airpark and of San fernando and port terminals of Buquebus and Colonia Express.
  • Those who are requested by the Provinces and have authorization from the National Government.

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