“We are not toxic,” said Natalie Vértiz about jealousy with Yaco Eskenazi

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The television host and actor, revealed in the program ‘You are in all’ that his wife and host of said Saturday space She is jealous and always asks how much she writes on her cell phone.

It all happened when Natalie Vertiz Y Collide mandros They presented a note where the members of ‘These is war’ had to confess if they are jealous and what is the worst scene of jealousy they did. At that moment, Choca asked Natalie if she is jealous, to which she replied: “I like to annoy Yaco from time to time, but I find it somewhat childish”.

However, Choca did not believe him and wrote to Yaco Eskenazi to reveal the truth. Minutes later, Yaco sent an audio message that Choca made public.

I wanted to tell you that my Nati is jealous, several times she has done my scenes to me, she is always watching TV with one eye and with the other eye looking at my cell phone and she tells me: ‘what are you writing?’, But she is a pretty jealous woman, but he does have to take care of his lion. I am not jealous at all. I let it be“, He said Yaco Eskenazi between laughs.

In her defense, Natalie explained that while they are both jealous, they never become toxic. “Liar I can count the times he has made me jealous scenes … The truth is that we both laughed, but from there to unhealthy jealousy. We are not toxic, but it is true when I see him very concentrated I tell him: ‘what are you doing, social networks are good’”.

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In the whole relationship only once we both had the bad habit of grabbing each other’s phone, it was years ago … The truth is, that is the most horrible mania that a partner can have“Added the television host.

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