We cannot allow ourselves to continue repeating the same economic actions and measures as 70 years ago

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The half-time elections passed, democracy gave one more test of its full validity and maturity in Argentina and the results strengthened the Republic. Now the prospects for the next elections in 2023 are beginning to be discussed and everything indicates that we are more entrenched in the institutional. Nevertheless, the political future is uncertain and it must respond to the problems that afflict us as soon as possible.

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There is only the certainty that, if there are no very profound changes, we will continue on a downward ramp in wealth creation, we will have fewer jobs and investments; higher debts and fewer exports; more inflation and less financing; less currencies; impossibility of payments and null international loans. In short, more and more poverty, so it is not difficult to deduce (regardless of who governs), that something must be done.

We cannot afford to keep repeating the same actions and measures over and over again for more than 70 years.

In the private sector SME companies, immersed in the Argentine economy, they will not be able to float in a sea frozen by a giant state heavily built, crammed with old ideas and a tangle of regulations and taxes. All this anchored to the lack of a stable currency, the impossibility of free trading, rising inflation and zero job creation, within an increasingly less capable society.

This situation leads large companies to flee and our SMEs to the inexorable slow collapse and final bankruptcy.

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In Argentina there are barely 700,000 companies, of which 99% are SMEs. They are in charge of offering and creating private work, which with their daily work generate added value. Many bring foreign currency to the country and are the ones that risk and invest capital. If they disappear, the dynamism in the economy disappears, the rapid and constant creation of work and the generation of wealth.

The problems are many and over time they got worse and they ended up being more and more complex, the solution is not easy if the confused society does not follow the changes; It will also not be easy if the legal, tax and regulatory structure is kept intact.

Erroneous dogmas affecting production

In Argentina we carry an erroneous dogma, that of always defend the “seemingly weakest”, who moved into politics, resulting in politicians who became officials or legislators defending the weakest in all circumstances, protecting with laws and regulations those who they believed they should safeguard, which of course is laudable, but they omitted that much more important it was to create just conditions for all parties, producing – without seeking it – injustice and discouragement.

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As an example, the cases of workers and tenants in our country can be used. Laws and regulations were enacted in this regard, but it was left aside to defend what is important: to work and income, not knowing that a contract (of work, rent, or whatever) is always celebrated between two parties.

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In this way, a basic principle was forgotten: that If one of the parties is harmed, no agreements or offers will be advanced. The consequences are known, a decade without the number of registered private workers growing and rents ever higher and scarcer.

Something must change for everything to change

I aspire to that the new legislators are penetrated in the real problems that afflict Argentina and that in their future projects they find the solution, because not only is it the lack of job creation, or the lack of rents offered, but the tax network makes work and rents more expensive and all our products to the domestic market and makes it impossible for us to export and further impoverishes the Argentines.

They are the traps and obstacles that prevent foreign investment; the lack of a stable currency that destroys the salary and income of Argentines; it is the lack of a deeper education that allows all citizens to grow economically, among others.

We are a huge country that is lucky to have everything: varied climate; natural resources; seas; rivers; water reserves; large areas where livestock and agriculture are developed; a varied industry; lovely landscapes; a cosmopolitan society; a unique culture. But for the twists of fate or bad decisions we took care that we lacked everything.

We do not have currency nor do we generate employment; we move away investments; we do not provide security, nor are opportunities developed; and our young people are leaving today for the same reasons that our grandparents came to Argentina yesterday.

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Something must change for everything to change. In our society there is undoubtedly the answer, our legislators and governments will be the executing arms of a transformation that will lead Argentina to what at the beginning of the 20th century was a great country, full of opportunities not only for SMEs but for all men of the world who want to live on Argentine soil. I hope so; there is still hope.

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