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“We do not offer ‘preview’ of our coups”: The White House will not share its cyberattack plans with Moscow

During his recent meeting with Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden told his Russian counterpart that certain areas of critical infrastructure must be off limits to cyberattacks, and mentioned 16 types of ‘untouchable’ entities, whose ‘hacking’ would not go unanswered. from Washington.

In the Press conference Monday at the White House, a journalist referred to criticism of Biden for “giving Putin the list of crucial infrastructure targets” and asked why, instead, the US president had not given him a list with the targets that the US would attack in Russia in the event of a cyberattack against any of its facilities.

“Because we don’t offer a ‘preview’ of our blows,” replied Jen Psaki, a White House spokeswoman. “The president made it clear: these are areas that we are going to monitor and we will reserve the option of [determinar] the consequences. That was the message that [Biden] He sent during that meeting, so he gave those specific examples, “Psaki stated.

The US president himself told journalists, after meeting with Putin, that he had remarked that his country has a “significant cyber capacity“” And he knows it. You don’t know exactly what it is, but it is significant. And if, in fact, they violate these basic rules, we will respond in cyberspace. He knows it, “Biden said of his warning to the Russian president.

Putin in turn indicated, according to US sources, that the largest number of cyberattacks in the world come from the US cyber space, followed by Canada, two Latin American countries and the United Kingdom.

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