We explain the second post credits scene of Eternals

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Eternals introduces new characters to the franchise Marvel, especially the main group of heroes who were created by the Celestial Arishem and are believed to come from the planet Olympia. They are sent to Earth with the mission of protecting humans from the Deviants, but they are ordered not to intervene in any other kind of conflict. In this way, the powerful characters did not help the Avengers against Thanos, to name one example.

Another of the characters that appears in the film is Dane Whitman, interpreted by Kit Harington. He works alongside Sersi, with whom he is deeply in love. Little does he know of the cosmic nature of this mysterious woman who hid her condition from him. However, with time and thanks to the attack of a Deviant, Dane discovers everything that his partner can do.

Whose mysterious voice is it in the post-credits scene of Eternals?

Already at the end of the film, Dane and Sersi meet and he asks that there be no more secrets between them. So you want to reveal something about your family. This is what the post-credits scene of the film is about: Dane opens a wooden chest in which the ebony sword, a magical element that will transform it into Black Knight, an important hero for the brand Marvel.

Just when the character is about to take the sword, a voice asks him if “ready” to do it. Who is it about? We have the answer! Chloé Zhao herself was in charge of clarifying this mystery. The voice is from the actor Mahershala Ali, which was confirmed two years ago as Blade, the Vampire Hunter. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will expand its side “magical”.

“That was the voice of one of my favorite superheroes, Mr. Blade himself. Blade, Blade, Blade, yes! You just have to wait. I don’t know what they are doing with the film, but Mahershala is a treasure. It’s going to be epic “said the filmmaker regarding the next entry in the daywalker franchise. Let’s remember: in the past he had a trilogy starring Wesley Snipes.

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After it was confirmed in 2019 that Marvel would bring Blade At the MCU, the film’s creative team got to work. We’re talking about director Bassam Tariq (Mogul Mowgli) and screenwriter, Stacy Osei-Kuffour, from the HBO series Watchmen. The film is aiming for a premiere in 2023. This post-credits scene makes us suppose that perhaps the antihero will appear on the big screen sooner than expected. For now we can say that Black Knight and Blade they are related.

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