“We had hope”: Carmen Salinas’s daughter speaks after the actress’s death

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A few hours after the death of the leading actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image, his daughter, María Eugenia Plasencia, offered her first statements to the public in Mexico and to her mother’s followers.

Through a phone call with the “Foto TV” program, Plasencia recounted how the actress’s last moments were.

“She has passed away, we don’t really know the time, she died before 11. I went to see her before because my niece Carmen called me to go see her because her blood pressure had dropped. I went to see her and started talking to her, she looked very bad, and Well, now I did start to tell her not to worry, that we were going to be fine, that if she wanted to rest, she would go with my little brother Pedro and Chato ”, he counted in a broken voice.

Carmen Salinas’ daughter confessed that the family was very hopeful that her mother would improve because she already opened her eyes and had reflections; however, death surprised them.

“We were very hopeful because she opened her eyes, her pupil dilated, she had reflexes, we said that my mother was going to get ahead. I asked the Virgin of Guadalupe to wake me up ”, expressed María Eugenia.

María Eugenia confirmed that Salinas was very happy with her role in Nicandro Díaz’s most recent production, “Mi Fortuna es Amarte”.

“He loves Nicandro a lot, I have known him for years, (they are) friends since they were young and he was happy with the role of my mother, too bad this came to him. Like I was fighting, but the body no longer held ”, detailed.

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Finally, she spoke of the affection she had for her co-workers, friends and journalists, to the point that she classified her as “a mother for all”. He also assured that in the next few minutes he would report on the place where it will be held.

“She was a mother to everyone, she loved journalists very much. I would like her to be remembered as a great impersonator, actress, all the best, a great comparer, a great friend, a great grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, great-grandmother, all the best ”, sentenced.

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