We reveal five exclusive cards from the new Magic: the Gathering collection

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We premiere season in Magic: The Gathering Arena, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, and with it come new spells, creatures, mechanics, and combos to discover. Like every beginning of the course, Wizards of the Coast delights us with very interesting proposals for his acclaimed collectible card game, after the crossover with Dungeons and Dragons, we return to the most horrifying plane in the world of Magic, Innistrad. These five cards that the we exclusively bring show the spooky atmosphere that reigns in this collection, and what is great for us celebrate Halloween this year when it is still not highly recommended to party or trick or treat.

Our first letter, the Organ Collector, is a blue zombie creature with strength 3 and defense 2 that, upon entering the battlefield, allows us to look at the first three cards of our library, choose one and discard the rest, placing them directly in our cemetery.

Devoured alive It is a seemingly cheap black spell, but requires a higher sacrifice or mana compensation. This spell allows us exile a target creature or planeswalker.

The Carved Pumpkin, in English it has been called Jack O’Lantern, alluding to the Halloween legend of the Irishman who tricked the devil himself; is an artifact card that allows us to draw a card in exchange for a mana and exile another card from our graveyard. If the exiled card is a carved pumpkin, adds a mana of any color.

Mark Red Hot is a black instant that gives any creature the ability to death touch, that is, no matter its strength, any damage it does to another creature will cause death. In addition, this instant allows us to draw a card.

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And finally, Exorcism of Thraben, a white instant, exile target Spirit, creature with Disturb or enchantment. This card gives us a hint about a new mechanic, disturb, that allows us to cast a card from the graveyard already transformed.


One of the peculiarities of Innistrad is the passing of day and night. At the beginning of the game it will be neither one nor the other, but this changes when a permanent with Daytime’s ability on the battlefield. If a player does not cast any spells during his own turn, it gets dark the next shift and all the cards that have two faces, one of them nocturnal, they transform.

In addition to these, the mechanics of Aquelarre, skills that are activated if you control 3 or more creatures with different strengths.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt will arrive on September 16 at Magic: The Gathering Arena. On the 17th the presentations will be made in stores, which will bring some news such as the prizes of the presentations, which will now be edit envelopes at the request of the participants of previous editions.


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