Web development: The program of Svelte Day 2022 is set

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The organizers dpunkt.verlag and heise Developer have finalized the program for Svelte Day 2022 in collaboration with Simon Holthausen, co-maintainer of Svelte. The one-day conference will take place online on March 10th and offers both beginners and advanced Svelte connoisseurs useful information about the still relatively young framework. The Svelte Day is a spin-off from the JavaScript conference enterJS, which is planned for June 22nd and 23rd, 2022 as a face-to-face event in the Darmstadtium in Darmstadt.

Svelte is special – in contrast to framework top dogs such as Angular or React, Svelte does not let the browser do the work for you, but acts as a compiler itself, converting the code into JavaScript. This ensures fast and responsive websites. It can also be easily integrated into existing applications. Calculation-intensive components of a website can thus benefit from the full power of the framework without the need for a complete new build. But with SvelteKit there is of course also a solid framework available to build web applications of all sizes. Seven exciting lectures by selected experts will guide the participants through the online conference, with topics related to the framework.

Nils Röhrig, software engineer with a focus on the frontend at REWE digital, introduces the framework at the beginning of Svelte Day and brings all participants up to a level of knowledge. Software developer Julian Laubstein introduces the SvelteKit, an app framework that will soon reach version 1.0 and is considered stable.

Due to its component-based approach, Svelte can be easily integrated into existing applications. Three practical presentations show how easy it is: Ivan Hofer (Senior Software Engineer, iteratec) combines Svelte with TypeScript and shows how code can be made even more type-safe. But Svelte is not only easy to connect with TypeScript, React and Svelte are also a good team. Oliver Sturm (Training Director, DevExpress) uses a practical example to show how Replace React with Svelte in an application.

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Co-maintainer and program advisor Simon Holthausen gives a look behind the scenes and brings the participants the interactions with components. another Matthias Stahl will give a practical lecture, deputy head of the Graphics & Interactive department at Spiegel. Der Spiegel has been using Svelte as the tool for data visualization for some time.

A ticket for the one-day event costs 149 euros (plus 19 percent VAT) until February 17, minus the early bird discount. Teams also benefit from group discounts. Interested parties can contact the event team via email. On the Svelte Day 2022 website current information about the program can be found.


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