Web development: Vaadin Fusion becomes Hilla with its own website and documentation

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The Vaadin development team announces the change of the name of the Fusion framework: Vaadin Fusion will be “Hilla” – Finnish for cloudberry (cloudberry). This plant species is apparently considered a Finnish delicacy and, according to the blog post, can be found in Finland’s arctic swamps. The company is headquartered in Finland.

In the blog post, the development team gives three reasons for changing the name of Vaadin Fusion, which is tailored to reactive front-end apps in TypeScript. Initially, Vaadin Fusion was introduced as part of Vaadin 15, a web development platform for Java and TypeScript. Although Vaadin Flow and Fusion are considered interoperable, Fusion has now developed into an independent framework with its own user base and development team. The name change is intended to make it easier for Fusion developers to find relevant information and find each other. So far, Fusion developers have apparently often ended up in the Vaadin Flow documentation when looking for help. A new name should remedy this.

In addition, the name change should make communication easier, because changes to Flow and Hilla can be clearly distinguished from one another in the future. Furthermore, the development teams of Hilla (formerly Fusion) and Vaadin Flow should now be able to better orientate themselves towards the respective needs of their users with regard to further development – they can work on the further development independently of one another.

With the release of Vaadin 23 in March, Hilla will have her own website that will provide access to documentation and more information about the framework. According to the blog post, nothing will change for either Flow or Fusion (Hilla) developers. The Vaadin team plans to implement the name change in a later version and release instructions on how to upgrade when it is available.

More information about Vaadin Hilla can be found in the announcement on the Vaadin blog. Version 22 of Vaadin has been available since December 2021.


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