Web framework: CakePHP 3 is becoming a permanent cake

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The team behind CakePHP has released version 3.10 of the web framework. The update is probably a reaction to the request from the user community for extended support for the 3.x branch, which should actually expire in June 2021. As expected, version 3.10 does not bring any major innovations, but besides bug fixes it does have some minor additions.

The successor CakePHP 4.0 was released in December 2019 and, as usual with major releases, led to some incompatibilities. Above all, he cut off some old braids and removed functions marked as deprecated in 3.x.

Some of the innovations from the 4.x series are incorporated as a backport in version 3.10, including the improvements Validation::time(). It also accepts the trait method EmailTrait::assertMailSentFrom() an array consisting of an address and an alias as a parameter. Finally, the team revised the API documentation.

With the release of CakePHP 4.1 in summer 2020, the team announced the end of support for version 3.9 and thus for the 3.x branch in June 2021. The now released CakePHP 3.10 is scheduled to receive bug fix releases until December 15, 2021, and security fixes are planned for another year until December 15, 2022.

Even if CakePHP may be less widespread than Laravel, Symfony or Zend, it is one of the old hands among PHP web frameworks: Development started back in 2005. The declared model is Ruby on Rails, and CakePHP also follows the Model-View-Controller- Principle (MVC) that separates the presentation, the data model and the control.

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Further details on the release of CakePHP 3.10 can be found in the Take the contribution in the bakery: The official blog is called Bakery. While the 4.x series of the framework requires PHP 7.2, CakePHP 3 still works with the outdated PHP 5.6.


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