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3 Websites to Download YouTube Video to MP3 for Free

Streaming platforms came to revolutionize the entertainment industry, of that there is no doubt. However; there are still many titles, both audio and video; which are not available in any digital catalog. There are a multiplicity of reasons behind it, but it regularly has to do with copyright.

Speaking specifically of music, there are many songs, scores, and soundtracks that are not available in streaming. There is the case of Tool, whose discography took about 15 years to reach the virtual space. Something similar happened to ‘Watch the Throne (2011), the epic collaborative album between Kanye West and Jay Z. It was intermittently available in streaming (due to conflicts between the authors) until in 2019 a truce was reached and permanently installed in digital catalogs.

Cases like the two mentioned abound, and that’s the main reason why many listen to songs on YouTube: Simply because it has one of the largest inventories on the web. But what happens when I want to listen to a song but not necessarily play the video? Well, we convert it to MP3 format.

There are two options to ensure that that piece that you like so much can be downloaded and even improved in MP3 format. The first -legal- is from the YouTube Music application. Of course, you have to pay for it ($119 pesos per month), but it will make it easier for you to download files from the platform.

The second is free, without registration or download of applications and -unofficial. These are the famous online converters. With just one URL they are able to modify the file to audio format, which you can download even with higher quality.

Interested? We share 5 pages where you can convert your favorite music videos into files in MP3 format for download.


Unlike Snappea; YT1s pays a little more attention to the video format (MP4) than to the audio format (MP3). You can download the video in different resolutions, depending on the original upload in 720p, 1080p, etc. In audio, you can download your favorite songs only in quality 128 kbps.

Even the 3GP format is available, famous during the 3G generation to save multimedia files on mobile devices.


Y2mate combines the best of the above two converters and offers a wide diversity of options in both video (MP4) and audio (MP3) formats. You can even download it in Full HD for an enviable viewing. All you have to do is paste the URL of the video in question and the tool will do the dirty work for you.


Clearer nor the water. As the name implies, YouTubeToMP3 transforms that video you love so much into audio format (it also has the option of the format in MP4 video at 640x360p). Its interface is very similar to that of YT1s and places greater emphasis on the transfer to audio files.

In addition to MP3 in multiple qualities, Google’s free WebM format and M4Amultimedia container are also available.

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