Wednesday: German court bans US cookies, NASA has repaired Hubble

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Cookies have long been a stumbling block on the Internet. Now a German court has made what may be a far-reaching decision. A university is prohibited from using US cookies because US authorities could access the data. NASA has now completely repaired the Hubble space telescope – the most important messages at a glance.

A Verwaltungsgericht has a state university in Hessen prohibited, the service Cookiebot on their website to involve. The Cookiebot asks users to consent to the storage of cookies on their end device. The legal problem: be there Transferring data from website visitors to the servers of a US company. The spectacular decision, according to which German websites are not allowed to set US cookies, has an effect far beyond the individual case.

That also works far Hubble Space Telescope with his observations of distant galaxies and stars, but it was failed for weeks. Now she has NASA it is reactivated. All four scientific instruments for space observation such as cameras and spectrometers have been collecting data again since the beginning of the week. NASA still wants to do this in the near future gradual software updates roll out after the Hubble Space Telescope is fully operational again.

Ob Protective masks against the coronavirus help is no longer worthy of discussion. A new investigation has now verified how helpful Masks in particularly critical everyday situations are, for example in local public transport. The researchers concentrated on the solutions commonly used today. Accordingly, that is reduced Risk of contagion with well-fitting FFP2 and OP masks considerable, but without a mask, even a distance of three meters is not enough.

Keep your distance from each other too Car and bicycle riders. On the one hand, there are fewer and fewer traffic fatalities on Germany’s roads, but more and more of them are on their bikes. the Debate about automobile traffic as Counter-model to bicycle mobility is determined by many bogus arguments. Telepolis does a fact check: eleven things that I can no longer hear as a cyclist.

With two high courts it will be exciting on Wednesday: That European court judges a Claims for damages from vacuum cleaner manufacturers against the European Commission. An (now repealed) EU regulation on Energy labeling of vacuum cleaners was based on unrealistic test conditions. Besides that, he clarifies German Federal Court of Justicewhether a dated VW emissions scandal affected diesel buyers can request a new car or have to accept a software update.

Also important:

  • If companies want to set up their own mobile network, they have to put a lot of effort into the house. Amazon now wants to shoulder this completely as an AWS service: With Amazon Private 5G to the private cellular network in a few days.
  • As of yesterday, the Google Assistant only works to a limited extent on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Among other things, there are no longer any assistant audio announcements about new notifications. This will remain so.
  • Since December 1st, the following applies: If your landline internet is significantly worse than promised, you have to pay less. Today the Federal Network Agency reveals details about the implementation.
  • 99 percent of German residences are now supplied with LTE from Deutsche Telekom, says the group. 87 percent can also use 5G.


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