Wednesday: GirlsDoPorn comparison, Acer hack, Apple chips & MacBook Pro comment

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A class action lawsuit brought by numerous porn actresses against a video platform has ended with a settlement. How much Pornhub pays for this is not known. No payment or ransom was asked for by the hackers who infiltrated Acer servers in India and Taiwan. You have only copied some data – the most important messages at a glance.

Pornhub– Owner MindGeek compares herself to 50 North American women who have appeared in the brand’s porn movies GirlsDoPorn appeared. MindGeek pays the women one unknown amount, for this they leave theirs Class action fall. The plaintiffs claim to have trusted the promise that the recordings would never be put online. GirlsDoPorn was shut down back in 2019, but now the GirlsDoPorn women have compared themselves to Pornhub.

Hardwarehersteller Acer is again a victim of Hacker attacks become. The perpetrators are initially in Acer servers in India penetrated and stole customer and company data there. Just a few days later, the same hackers were able to gain access to Acer computers in Taiwan procure. They were able to copy more than 60 GB of customer and company data from the hacked Acer servers in India and Taiwan.

With the new processors M1 Pro and M1 Max marches Apple with big strides into the territory of the established chip developers. The company sends one Challenge not only to the CPU teams of the competition, but also to the independent graphics chips from AMD and Nvidia. The Apple Silicon M1 Max wants to compete with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080.

The new Apple silicon chips come first in the new one 14.2 and 16.2-inch MacBook Pro models for use. These should do more than some desktops, according to Apple workflows bring the Mac Pro to mobile battery operation. The new MacBooks impress with a lot of power, great displays, no more touch bar, but ports and the return of MagSafe. But something is missing. Our comment: Apple’s new MacBook Pro fulfills many wishes – except for one.

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