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Weekly Recap: JT, Jeezy, Bronny James, and More Highlights
Content Recap – Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty

This week’s BOSSIP Weekly Content Recap delivers new music from Jeezy and takes us behind the scenes with Bronny & Gunna.

It’s that time of the week yet again so let’s revisit all the content you may have missed during the week. We’ve got you covered from the NBA Draft to new music from Jeezy.

Bronny James joins LeBron James on the Lakers. After years of LeBron James vocally telling us he wants to play alongside his sons he’s at the finish line. Bronny James Jr. was drafted with the 55th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft by the Lakers. Thanks to social media we got an inside look into the moment he found out.

JT returned with the remix for “OKAY” and brought an unlikely friend along. Jeezy joins JT and talks about his upcoming single summer and finally addresses walking around the house with an AK47.

People on social media claimed Gunna couldn’t return to Atlanta after taking an Alford Plea in the YSL Rico case. However, not only did he return he had a sold-out show as well. He took Spotify around in Atlanta and told us how it all started in his mom’s house.

Shaq took a moment on The Big Podcast to issue an apology to Drake over the “BBL DRIZZY” meme he shared on social media. He insist he wasn’t trolling and meant no harm and hopes Drake found it funny.

Source: BOSSIP, Getty