Welcome home ?: They investigate a marine who participated in a Trump rally and claimed to have saved a child at the Kabul airport

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A US Marine who claims to have saved a baby at Kabul International Airport amid chaos in August following the arrival of the Taliban in the Afghan capital, is now under investigation for appearing at a rally for former President Donald Trump. informs the specialized portal Task & Purpose.

Hunter Clark was one of nearly 6,000 troops ensuring airport security, as thousands of people tried to flee the country for fear of the radicals.

After returning to his country, the military man appeared on September 25 at a political event in the city of Perry (Georgia) in which the former president participated. The man introduced himself as “the guy who lifted the baby over the wall“and described his feat as” one of the great things “he did in his life. However, the soldier did not provide more details about what happened.

Clark seems to refer to viral videos and photographs in which a military man grabs a minor and puts him to safety. But the command of the marine could not confirm that the man in the recordings was precisely Clark, as he specified that there was several similar incidents in which the military could be involved.

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In addition, the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit launched an internal investigation regarding the participation of its member in the aforementioned political event. The unit’s spokesman did not specify what regulations Clark may have violated, although the Department of Defense regulations they do not allow than an active military man “speak to a partisan political gathering […]”.

“He didn’t even say anything. He just showed up.”

In networks, conservative users showed their support for the military, leaving comments full of reproach towards the approach of his leadership. “Of course a war hero attended a Trump rally. That’s what the good guys do. And of course the Biden administration would look into it. That’s what the bad guys do.” wrote one.

Others were outraged by the investigation against Clark, noting that, for example, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, if it goes up with his despite “the disastrous withdrawal.”

“Communism begins when one cannot stand up to the ruling party. The Marine he didn’t even say anything. Just appeared”, tweeted politics Amy Phan West.

“Everyone has to show their support for Private First Class Hunter Clark. This young man is now in the spotlight simply because he was on the scene with Trump. The left tries to crush anyone who disagrees with them.” opined a netizen.

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