Welcome to the Tinderverse: Tinder CEO talks about the metaverse and virtual currency

Por Elizabeth Culliford

Dec 3 (Reuters) – Dating app Tinder is exploring how to blur the boundaries between the worlds on and off the internet, its CEO Renate Nyborg said in an interview at the Reuters Next conference.

The CEO of the dating app owned by Match Group Inc discussed the company’s new Explore feature. Interactive events like “Swipe Nights” allow users to choose their own adventures and pair up with other people based on their choices.

The company is testing an in-app currency that users can use to pay for premium services and will receive as a reward for good in-app behavior, he said.

Asked about the company’s plans around dating in the metaverse, Nyborg said: “From a Tinder perspective, we have been talking internally about a Tinderverse, which is more about blurring the lines between what is outside and inside the internet. “.

The metaverse refers in general terms to the idea of ​​shared virtual spaces that people can access through different devices and in which they can move through digital environments. These spaces can use virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR).

Facebook, which recently changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc, is one of many tech companies that are betting on metaverse technologies.

Dating app Bumble said during its November earnings call that it wants to prepare for “whatever pops up in the metaverse.” Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, has also discussed a beta test of South Korean company Hyperconnect, which it acquired this year, in which users can know each other as avatars and engage in audio relationships at virtual dating venues.

Nyborg said Tinder continued to focus on helping people meet each other in real life.

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