Wendy Guevara: Revealing the Family Background of the La Casa de los Famosos Mexico Contestant

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Wendy Guevara: The Favorite Contestant of “La Casa de los Famosos México”

Wendy Guevara is one of the favorite contestants of “La Casa de los Famosos México”. The Mexican transgender influencer has not ceased to be a trend on social networks due to her occurrences, sense of humor, and comments.

Rise to Fame and Increased Popularity

Although she was already known for being part of “Las perdidas,” now her fame has increased due to her participation in the famous house. The celebrity of social networks, who rose to fame in 2017 when a video in which they starred went viral, she and her friend Paola Suárez have shown their fun and witty personality in “La Casa de los Famosos México”, capturing the attention of the public.

There is no doubt about the mischief of Wendy Guevara, who already has a fictitious program within “La Casa de los Famosos” called “Resulta y Resalta”, which always gives something to talk about on social networks. Interest in the Mexican transgender influencer has grown like foam, and many want to meet her family.

Meet Wendy Guevara’s Family

Who are her parents? Here we tell you. Wendy Guevara’s parents are Mrs. Fabiola and Mr. Francisco Guevara. They confessed that at first, they did not accept their daughter’s sexual orientation, but over the years, they recognized her as she is.

This coincides with what Wendy Guevara revealed, who opened her heart in the suite of “La Casa de los Famosos México,” where she narrated the day she spoke to her father about her sexual orientation. “One day he sat me down and he was drunk, he told me: ‘I know you’re gay.’ I didn’t know where to go. He grabbed me and told me: ‘I’m going to take care of you, people are very bad, they’re going to laugh at you, they’re going to make fun of you,'” said the influencer.

Wendy Guevara also has a sister named Jessi, and from their first appearances together, users of social networks assure that they are identical.

Family Confessions and Acceptance

Wendy Guevara’s parents attended the June 20 gala of “La Casa de los Famosos México,” where they showed the pride they feel for their daughter and made family confessions. Don Francisco Guevara explained that initially, it was difficult for him to accept his daughter’s transformation. “For me, it was very difficult to accept, at that time I was an alcoholic and very macho, I did not accept,” he commented.

Everything changed when Don Francisco went to a spiritual retreat, thanks to which he was able to recover his family. “I went on a spiritual retreat, I met God, and he told me that I had to accept my son as he gave him to me,” he said. “For 18 years we have been friends, and I accepted him as he is, as a woman. I was in a wheelchair because of so much alcohol and drugs, I wanted to live with my family, as a good family, I asked God to help me,” he added.

Francisco Guevara said that both he and his wife are very proud of the success of their daughter. “For me, it’s something incredible, it’s like a dream to see Wendy here with you,” he concluded.

Acceptance and Unconditional Love

Doña Fabiola, Wendy’s mother, revealed that accepting her daughter’s sexual orientation was a difficult stage for her, but that she always protected her from everything. Mainly, she took care of her husband. “She is my daughter, I always loved her and protected her from her father. It was hard to accept that it was so. I love her just the same, I accept her just as she is, she is so spontaneous, she is always the same, she does not imitate,” she said.

Wendy’s mother pointed out that she shares her experience so that other parents accept their children as they are. “I share it so that parents love their children as they are,” she commented.

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